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Your super soldiers are freaking out, your scientists are nuts, your secret police force are... well who knows what's wrong with them, but it's got to be something serious because one of them has this weird obsession with robot cats and he talks to himself a lot. Like, a lot. But at least you've got this sweet bling. The bling won't cause you any unnecessary moral quandaries.

If not already excessively clear, I'd been wanting to so something with the Shinra logo (from Final Fantasy 7, if you are unfamiliar) for a while now. I had a very large pattern started, pretty much an enormous wrist cuff... but then I considered the possibilities of simplifying to the point where the Shinra logo is actually quite subtle. That seemed almost too simplistic, of course, so I had to come up with a band that wasn't. At all. Me being me, I wanted something very non-traditional and off-center. I mean, it does partly represent Shinra, after all.

As a side note, the sheer amount of stabilizing and reinforcing this design was maybe a little excessive. Then again, I can't classify "actually strong enough to survive 100,000 hair flips or more" as excessive reinforcing. (Sold)

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