30/30 ("Thirty/Thirty")

        My greatest accomplishment.  Sad as that may be to... well, everyone.  Bravestarr was far from a spectacular show, but something about 30/30 always stuck with me.  He was some creepy kick-ass transformer cyber-horse with a big-ass gun called Sara Jane.  What the hell is not to love?
        Of course, the toys didn't exactly prove popular.  They were a lot bigger than other action figures at the time, so for some reason people thought that was a bad thing/a.k.a. the "playability" with other toys was impossible.  They were obviously studying stupid kids with no imagination.  If I'd known this toy existed when I was younger I would have wanted nothing fucking else that year for Christmas.  Alas, it had to wait.
        I searched for him for a while, asking around various toy communities around the "year 2000 era".  (Oooohhhh, so many decades ago.)  The best information I got was that he was a rare figure, and several people regularly attending toy conventions had never seen him.  But on March 15, 2001, I scored me a mint in sealed box 30/30 for a whopping... $27.  I know this because I am sad enough to still have a screen shot of the Ebay auction.
        UNFORTUNATELY I do not currently HAVE a picture of him in his box, because that would be on the hard drive of my computer that crashed and I still have yet to try and invest the time and money into trying to get another motherboard.  I do, however, have booklet scans.

        Putting that saddle on was a bitch and a half.  And I do happen to have a scan of the back of the box.

Yeah, it was all kinda... like that.  Funny how internally (as in, within Filmation) he was "30/30", and in toy form he's "Thirty/Thirty".  But it's all pronounced the same.  Onward to the toy, which looks... sort of like the cartoon.  Well, here:

        30/30 from the cartoon.  Looks incredibly bad-ass or just really, really fetishy.  Hey, either way.

        ...The action figure.  Little bit different, yes?  I don't care, I still love him.  He stands roughly 12.5 inches tall, though, which makes up for a lot--and there's plenty of "robotic detail" in the mold.  The limbs themselves are partially hollow (and I can't imagine how heavy he'd be if they weren't), but inside those hollows are "machine parts" details that are really just kind of cool.  I'm easily impressed, though.
        Unfortunately... I have to talk about joints.  The plastic itself is more than likely at fault here, as I used to be able to warm him up with a blow drier and transform him easily.  (Yeah, even right out of the package, he was never easy to transform.)  NOT ANYMORE.  I don't think I'll ever be transforming him back into his full horse mode again after ow long it took to get him there and back.  The crack in his right elbow isn't so obvious in the pictures, but it's really obvious looking at him.  Alas, but I still love him so.

        It's not really as if his horse mode is more awesome than his "gonna gun a bitch down with Sara Jane" mode, but he does look like a mean/rabid horse, and that's kind of interesting.  Well, I think so.  Honestly, I like the look of him in either mode.  Completely ignoring what he's "supposed" to look like, it's just an incredible interesting concept.

        He's not pretty, that's for sure.  He's only rare because of a lack of interest, and cheap because no one else wanted him.  Their loss, says I.