December 27, 2022 -

        Been a while!  Have something else that's been waiting: Figure-rise 6 Double Chaser.

FtB sounds like some kind of horrifying disease, right?

Come on pretty baby...

        Welcome to the aptly (and slightly perversely) named Fuck the Box.  Here, we open our toys.  Or at least I do.  And since I'm the webmaster, that's what matters.  I'm Orin Drake, massive geek and a great fan and appreciator of many different kinds of figures; most notably, the "action" variety (a.k.a. with articulation and ability to pose with great bad-ass-ness).  I am not a collector, however.  I have no desire to collect a complete toy line of any sort.  I am an appreciator of fine figures and things that I adore.  Oh yeah, and I take everything out of the box.  The person who single-handedly drove up the price of your collection?  Yeah, that's me.  You're welcome.
        Inside these pages you will find "not quite reviews".  That is to say nothing has a score, and if I hadn't wanted the figure in the first place then I wouldn't have bought it.  So... a score is kind of useless, yes?  I just want to share my love of pieces of plastic awesome.