FtB's Philosophy

        Toys are good things.  Despite this being an age of technology-driven learning and entertainment, toys still manage to spark the imagination.  Maybe some people are made to see them differently as adults, but as for myself, I still love the toys that immediately inspire a story when I see them.  Admittedly I'm drawn to a lot of 80's toys with cartoon tie-ins, and a massive amount of video game figures--but that's also because they were stories and characters that drew me in and inspired me to explore different opportunities with my own original worlds and characters.  When I was younger, toys were an opportunity to role play in a very different way than any video game could offer, forcing a whole world to be created and the rules to constantly be tested and changed inside my own head.  They hold a sort of symbolism that I really don't think I could ever do justice to describe.
        And then there are the toys based on characters I love.  Most of them are from video games, sure, but it makes sense as that's my favorite media.  Between the plethora of Transforming robots, the odd He-Man figure or the occasional Cobra member (because G.I. Joe was too damn boring), I've got my bases covered.  If I love it, if it affects me, then I'll just at the chance to get a figure of it.  Preferably of the articulated variety, but... once in a while, a Poison or a Sebastian comes along.
        "Yes," you say, "But they're toys.  Isn't spending all that money on plastic things stupid?"  I find spending hundreds of dollars on fucking shoes to be abject stupidity.  Thousands of dollars on useless car parts, too.  Sports memorabilia.  Ugh.  Don't mess with me, kid.  At least my obsessions have personality.
        Let's face it, toys are just cooler these days too.  Yes, diecast is a lost art (and yes, if you recognize that, I've got plenty of those figures, too) and now that toy manufacturers have caught onto collectors they jack up the prices and lower the availability to make things more "collectible" (fucking jackasses)--but toys have come of age a little bit.  Though of course I'm still interested in grabbing a few of the classics... mint in sealed box, if possible.  It feels so good to rip them open and throw away the box.
        Then there's kind of the most important thing: toys are fun!  Especially when articulated.  Why, there are endless possibilities...

"Breasts ruin everything."