And here rests all of my not-quite-reviews of various figures.  Really, this is just a reason to glorify that which I love, so enjoy.  More will come... as I get to them.

Poison        Yamato's first run Poison figure is my most recent triumph.  After finding hir on Ebay and agonizing over going for hir for a week, there was just no other way--I'd been working for months to turn a profit (I'm an artist, feel bad for me please) and was halfway through a solid week of packing up everything I owned to move and... well, sie will never be a regret.  Sie's still on my desk, in fact, commanding me to work.  Of course, every time sie catches my eye sie distracts me...
        I think I will always consider him my prize.  Everyone has "that one thing" that they never thought they'd get a hold of.  30/30 is mine.  A rare figure from a not so endearing cartoon (Bravestarr), I never thought I'd see one in person let alone buy one in a sealed box.  Oh Ebay, sometimes you spoil me.
        It's sort of the symbol of worlds colliding: Transformers and... Kingdom Hearts.  No, seriously.
        Ah, my boy Dante.  Loved the little bastard since the first game.  We do not discuss the second game, though.  It was just a bad dream.
        So I didn't actually get potions with these (which was a crime later made up for by a jewelry for the limited edition Crisis Core potion and Ultimania set trade), but I was glad to pay inflated prices just to get the two figures I wanted from the set.
        Look, Voldo's my favorite in the series.  He always will be.  There's nothing like straight-up mind-fucking intimidation before the fight even begins.  Have you seen some of this guy's moves during battle, too?  Love it.
        Little shiny glowy angry Cefca (Kefka) of FFVI fame!  With the awesome wings and the ball of bad things ready to KO you instantly and make you curse repeatedly.  You know, in theory.
        When Revoltech Vash landed upon my doorstep, I was happily surprised.  I could get used to figures releasing on time and getting here very, very quickly.
        Of course he was with Vash.  I mean, I couldn't get Vash and not have Wolfwood tag along.
        Since we seem to have a bit of a Trigun theme going lately...  Okay, yes, I know, these aren't toys.  But they're still fun, so hush.
        Play Arts Kai Dante.  UNIVERSES COLLIDE in the best way imaginable.
        And of course I had to get Play Arts Kai Nero as well.  I mean, he's Nero.  Someone has to entertain Dante.  Besides Poison.
        As a PUBLIC SERVICE, I'm finally posting what I could not for the life of me find online anywhere--a proper comparison of the real Static Arts Sebastian Michaelis vs the bootleg.  Knowing is half the battle.  The other half probably has something to do with amphetamines.
        Well, it felt "wrong" to have my sparkly Sebastian without representing Grell, my very favorite Death God.  Just what I needed, another series to make grabby hands at.
        A super-rare (for me) purchase of an American figure!  ...Made in China.  It's Tron: Legacy's Deluxe Rinzler!  Spoiler: it lights up!
        Surprise!  It's Dissidia Trading Arts Firion!
        Not a surprise at all!  It's Dissidia Trading Arts Sephiroth!
         I broke down and got some Tron: Legacy diecast vehicles.  It was a sale.  I saw some lightcycles.  It had to happen.
        I'm really not into the Vinylmation thing at all, but... Tron gets me.  Tron gets me every time.
        Tron kick?  Sure, a little.  The limited edition SDCC classic Tron figure is my reward for working for months and managing to make some actual profit at Anime Boston.  Rewards are sweet and glowy.
        Day one pre-order.  And a lot of waiting.  But she's here at last, Figma KOS-MOS!
        So yes, I'm still on my Tron kick, too.  Plus it was impossible to resist Tron and Sark Kubricks.
        Okay, okay, just one more.  And man, you cannot really appreciate how creepy NECA Tron is until he's staring through your soul.
        I was going to hold out for a Dissidia Play Arts Kai Sephiroth (because come on, he's just got to be coming), but... well, what can I say of Squall.  That ass.
        I do not have enough AI representation around here.  I solved that a little with a sweet little Tachikoma from Nendoroid!
        Finally!  Surely Wild Tiger will keep some order to my desk!  Or break more things, but... it's all in the name of justice.
        You can't have one in a hero pair without the other.  No, seriously.
        Resistance once again proved alarmingly futile.
        I'm sort of an oldschool Knight Rider fan, it must be said.  But you know, I'm always partial to "the evil one".
        You can't just get a Kotetsu plush without getting a Barnaby plush!  It would be madness!
        At long last, I have snagged myself a Riku.  I still hold out hope for a KH2 version that's not the size of my thumb... but not too much hope.
        While I'm waiting for the Figuarts, I thought I may as well get something to tide me over...
        I finally scored a Play Arts Red XIII and Cait Sith!  For a sane price!
        Almost an entire year since the prototype picture was published, Figuarts H-01 is safe at home.
        At long last, my Figma T-elos has found her way home!
        So I couldn't manage to get my hands on the Double Chaser... but this transforming bike is just a little more suited to my tastes.
        In our first guest not-review from the magnificent Schala, it's Figuarts Darkness Bunny!
        Why if it isn't DXF Gintoki.  It was a bit of a surprise to me too.
        So... I couldn't really hope to resist Wild Tiger Last Stand, no.
       So I saw my chance and I took it for Beast Hunter Voyager Predaking.
       There was no way I was going to let a series-accurate Rhinox pass me by.
       Well, I kinda figured, while Origami Cyclone was available and easily affordible... it'd be fun to hide him in pictures.
       The most fabulous of the Heroes needs no introduction; Fire Emblem is where he belongs.
       I had the opportunity and I took it.
       My first, and let us hope last, model kit: MG Figurise Wild Tiger.
       So of course the MG Barnaby Brooks Jr. model kit had to come along too, right?
       I was weak, I could not resist the call of the shiny.
       I'm afraid I just couldn't resist the call of Hasbro's first "fan-made" Transformer.  Partly because she's a jet.
       My first third-party Transformer would have to be a cassette cat, wouldn't it.
       And sometimes you're surprised by the sudden inevitable connection made with a toy at a comic book store.  You've all been there, right?
       And then being buried deeper in femmebot Transformers, Chromia.
       How could I have ever resisted?  Finally, after 28 years, a proper Arcee!  With firepower.
       I just had a few too many Autobots in here lately, you know?
       And... another Autobot, but at least this one's nuts?
       Autobot, Decepticon, I don't care; I finally got my space shuttle dragon bird dinosaur thing.
       I just needed the painfully 80's mess that is Generations Brainstorm.  Also because of spoilers.
       Did I pay to build my own non-transforming Transformer?  Yes, yes I did.  ...How did that happen.
       It only took a really long time but finally there's a Motoko Kusanagi figure that I'm happy with.
       It's always only a matter of time before another Transformer shows up.  This time, they're super tiny and reasonably priced!
       You can never have too many Dantes, right?
       Doesn't everyone need a tiny angry Megatron in their lives?
       How could I have resisted a tiny angrier, evil clone of Optimus Prime?
       I hate giving Konami any of my money, but... tiny angry Raiden.
       I have been waiting for my little red Corvette for ever so long.  And this is as close as I'll ever get to owning a Stingray, so.
       So, wait for a decade and I'll get the figure I've been longing for?  ...That seems kinda cruel, but.
       Around here I may be known as a Ravage fan... so this should come as no surprise.
       I guess it's been a good year for figures I never thought I'd live to see.  Not so great for my bank account, though.
       And so it was that I decided, "Money?  Who needs that?"
       Well I can't just get one...
       And then this happened.
       Gotta have the full set, y'know.
       ...Who could resist?  Not me.
       Well it's about time I got back to these, don't you think?
       Gotta get all the gals in here.
       Honestly, it was meant to be.  Ish.
        Really, truly, there could be no resistance.
        Apparently my life has become waiting ten years for things.  ...Worth it.