Figuarts Rock Bison

        I... used to have him pre-ordered.  But the price the retailer wanted and the price I could pay was not quite the same thing and so I had to cancel.  Such a shame; I adore Bison/Antonio.  As everyone should.  And if you do not, then you must be wrong.

        I hadn't laid eye on the box for more than three seconds before I started laughing.  I don't know.  Maybe it's partly being from Arizona, maybe it's just partly mentally using "Antonio" as a verb (eg: "I Antonioed that."); whatever the case, I find this amusing.  It may be Antonio's expression.  Or the always exposed (literally) rock-hard abs.  Whatever.

        Powerful action pose!  Spoiler: because the joints aren't maybe as flexible as I'd like them to be.  Still.  This is the back of the box.

        And this is what is no longer constrained by the tyranny of the box!  Dude, he is... big.  I mean yes, I knew that, as they're in scale with each other, but holy crap is he heavy and tall and... just freaking big.  The size definitely makes up for the lack of accessories and parts... though Rock Bison doesn't have a lot of accessories and parts.  I mean, his power is pretty much turning his whole body as hard as rock, which is exactly as hilarious and questionably useful as it sounds.  He has drills on his shoulders, though!  That's something.  He also comes with open hands and two tubes for the back of his... helmet.  You'll see.

        "Who the hell designed this thing?"  Well certainly take a moment to absorb what the front looks like.  Armored.  With spikes on his feet and the drills and everything.
        Now, I have no complaints about leg and feet articulation.  Or shoulders.  And his neck actually manages a little more range than I thought.  Arms and wrists, though?  Total crap.  His additional bulk also makes it more difficult to hold his arms in certain poses.  Now, I believe this is a first edition release, so that may have been improved upon later.  (I'm also pretty sure it's a first edition because... when I opened the box, there was dust to be cleared away.  Inside the factory-sealed box.  That was weird for a toy that's not 10+ years old.)

        Now take a gander at the back.  Yup.  And that's where the tube-things come in.  Which is pretty much not explored in the series at all.  But hey, it's a thing that exists, right?  And an interesting design choice.
        But that ass is completely unprotected.  Open.  Dare I say, it is waiting for--

        Well, fans of Tiger & Bunny know who.  All the canonical assgrabs.  You can also see how freaking huge Rock Bison is compared to the other figures.  He is at least not in danger of randomly falling over anytime soon.

        Figure stand?  He doesn't need no stinkin' figure stand.  He does need a truck on his horns, though.
        Full disclosure: I only realized he still had that little plastic band around his neck right before this point.  Which was annoying, because I'd already taken the other pictures.  Half-assing like a pro, whoo!