Alter Barnaby Brooks Jr. Plush

        So I broke down and got the Kotetsu plush.  Then how was I supposed to resist Barnaby, even if his pre-order and release date was months later?  That's one secret of Tiger & Bunny: you can't pre-order just one.

        This is how he arrived, with his plush bunny upside down.  I had to tear open the bag and save them both!

        And here is the sheer adorable.  This plush once again has a lot of things going for it.  There's the most obvious included plush bunny from the infamous birthday episode, of course, soft and fuzzy and with a magnet on his back so Barnaby can hold onto him.  And there's the hero sash, again.  His glasses are plastic, which I actually found to be a nice touch rather than the possible other (and worse) choices that could have been considered, and the clothes actually have a decent bit of detail.  His articulation is the same as Kotetsu's, so he's surprisingly versatile for a plush.
        It should also be noted that Barnaby was a bit cheaper than Kotetsu due to his fewer accessories.  That is a current rarity that I want to encourage.

        I do have one complaint.  It's minor, but it is there.  The magnets are not really at the tips of his hands.  I had to work them down from much higher up, hidden under the sleeves of his jacket where they are essentially useless.  Now this is an exceedingly minor complaint, easily fixed.  Still, I hope people actually realize they can move the magnets with a little patience.

        Another incredibly awkward ass shot.  That is just... put that thing away, Barnaby.  Put it away.

        Together forever in hand-holding bliss.  Awwwwwwwww.

        One big happy family!  Though I can't decide if Chibiterasu is laughing or sighing.  A little of both, I'd bet.