Kamen Rider Side Basshar

        Okay, I admit it.  After finding out that Tiger & Bunny's Double Chaser was going to be over $100 regardless of where I got it from, I decided against that particular purchase.  I came across the Side Basshar by complete accident and loved the way it looked, keeping my eye on it for a few months.  When the price dropped well below $20, I snagged it.  Dude, it's a bike, and a sidecar, that transforms into a mecha.  Mecha-ish thing, anyway.

        So here's where I admit I know close to nothing about Kamen Rider stuff.  Except the figures can be damn cool.  As expected from Bandai, recent taker of all my money.

        I mean, this is a sweet ride.  Purple and gold, sure, but still sweet.  It's got a pretty good amount of detail, really, though the plastic is... well.  It's the type that knocks you flat when you take a breath anywhere near it when it's new out of the box.  It still smells of plastic death, actually.

        I'm not saying that the plastic is a problem.  Or the paint job, obviously... but there are some signs that Bandai isn't paying as much attention to this line as it is to Tiger & Bunny.  There's no smooth, glossy plastic here; just the kind of paint that sticks to itself.  And do you know how difficult that makes transforming something?  Real difficult.
        The first time, at least.  The transformation is completely counter-intuitive to this Transformers fan, but it's easy and quick so I'm not complaining.

        It's like the bike from hell.  Only kind of oddly "adorable" because it has little "ears".  Don't look at me like that.
        The detail really is more than I expected, and while the range of motion isn't all that impressive, it's more than enough to work with.  You got weapons, you got a claw, you got some bad-assery.

        THE CLAW.  I don't know, I just like it.  Also a fun side shot.

        And sure, here's some mecha ass.  And more tire detail, though I can't decide if that looks more like dirt, rust or blood.  All three?  Awesome.

        Uh-oh.  Looks like someone's already claimed the bike.  "Good bike.  I will call you MacGuyver."