So strike up the appropriate music and prepare to indulge in a mint in sealed box original run Yamato Poison... unboxed.  This is why the site exists.

        Oh, honey. Welcome home.

        But this is how sie arrived. A flawless, factory sealed box. I know. I looked for a long, long moment.  Look at hir commanding to be let out immediately.

        The best part about the box, though, is the window in the back. Now had I known about this window well before purchasing the figure, I probably would have been gunning for hir even more.

        And then I literally cut hir value in half by ripping the fucking box apart. But oh god, just look at that skin, how absolutely quality the mold and the finish are, and the paint, and the pose... Gorgeous.  The part of those lips is just perfect, and the paint job on the eyes is exquisite.  Really, sie's just a quality figure worth every penny.

        There's that ass again. And those legs.  I did recently see a review bitching about how hir body is so perfectly airbrushed but hir hair remains "streaky".  Granted, I understand where this criticism is coming from.  Sie'd have benefited from airbrushed hair as well, but... how the hell can you complain when you're not going to be focused on hir hair?

        I know, I know, but the profile is necessary.  Damn that... everything.

        And now I am so willingly commanded to finish my work.  Interestingly, sie points directly at my head while I sleep.  This has not been a bad thing at all.