Trigun Bustup Gashapon Set

        And just what is this awful mess on my bed?  OPPORTUNITY!  And cool things.

        Despite being a bit of a veteran at trying to piece together small Japanese figures, this was admittedly a little intimidating.  Luckily I didn't break anything and I got them all together before lunch.  Whew, crisis averted.

        GIANT PICTURE #1.  Because I didn't feel like breaking them up.  Ha, take that.  ...Anyway.  Just look at how absolutely incredible the detail is.  For little tiny busts (insert joke here), these are magnificently detailed (and one more).  Undead vampire Vash in the middle there creeps me the hell out (I will call you Vlad... or maybe I will call you Pickles).  Then again so does the Nebraska Family to the far left there.  Shiver.  I do want everyone to know that Meryl came with her little tiny derringer, though.  I laughed really hard when I realized that.

        GIANT PICTURE #2.  And I realized afterward that I forgot to put Wolfwood's cigarette in his mouth.  Yes, he came with a little tiny cigarette.  Also amusing.  It's no secret that I adore Legato much, much more than I should, and this figure is no exception.  Not that Vash isn't utterly kick-ass.  They all are.  For some reason it took me the longest to get Milly together, though.
        So... I don't really have room for these guys.  Luckily they're no more than a couple of inches tall and managed to all fit right under the TV.  Ahem.