Play Arts Riku

        By the time I really became aware of this figure, I was already waiting for a KH2 version.  That worked out well, huh?  Luckily I accidentally caught wind of a reissue and snagged him for 47% off retail price so I can't really complain about the wait.

        I'm not a "box person", obviously.  But if someone were buying this from anything other than a reputable source, they might be tempted to think it's a knock-off from a quick inspection of the box.  No sparklies, no foiled text, no holograms, Square-Enix?

        Then again, finally having my Riku is sparkly enough.  The eyes are clear and nicely done, he's got just the slightest smirk from certain angles, and it's unquestionably Riku.  As for articulation, well... I understand why so many people complain about KH figure articulation.  But the fact that he can move at all and holds his poses is kind of just fine with me.  He's not much for accessories, either, only coming with an extra set of hands (fists, for... uh, angsting and punching?) and his weapon, Soul Eater.

        See, he can pose!  Even if he's looking at me like he wants me dead.  I'm used to it, Riku.

        This was just a simple ass shot, until I noticed how amusingly creepy the waist looks.  You need to eat more, boy.

        I was worried that KH Riku was going to look really bad next to KH2 Sora, but they actually look decent next to each other.  And Riku's still taller, so he's happy about that.
        ...Is it just me or does Sora have a knowing smirk right here?  (You need to eat more, too.  Geez, look at those legs.)

Riku: "He's mine.  Touch him and I'll cut you."