Figuarts H-01

        Near the end of November 2011, a prototype picture of Figuarts H-01 was published.  At the beginning of November 2012, I've finally got him in my hands.  Worth the agonizing wait?  Oh yes.  Made even more obnoxious by a certain hurricane delaying all mail on the east side of the US, he's finally here.  Let's never do that again.
        It should be noted that H-01's accent color is much more pink-red than these pictures show.  Trying to adjust the color for those threw everything else off.  Bleh.

        I could not wait any longer than absolutely necessary to get him the hell out of that box.  Though it is a sexy box, it must be said.  I'll probably cut the front off and keep it.  The rest, straight into the trash.
        If not obvious, this is a limited run Tamashii Nation exclusive item.  Luckily there are plans to sell him on the Tamashii web site as well.  I have a dislike of exclusives.

        Accessories!  Oh man look at that gun.  I have been waiting for that gun.  And everything, obviously, but that gun.  Ahem.  The sword is more awesome than I'd anticipated, it must be said.  Of course he comes with a stand as well, a pair of wire shooters ala Wild Tiger, and three pairs of interchangeable hands.

        So let's cut to the chase and initiate combat mode here.  Look at that gun.
        One not-really-gripe: that's the same shiny black plastic as my PS3.  What does that mean?  It means he's a dust magnet.  And desperately difficult to light, but also magnetic to all forms of noticeable dust.  But I'll deal.
        Paint-wise, he's awesome.  Thoroughly awesome.  It took these pictures to realize there's a little paint spot I need to fix on his upper left leg, but that's hardly concerning.
        As for the interchangeable parts on their own, there seems to have either been a minor improvement in the pin holding the "wrist guards" on, or my H-01 just happens to make the process a bit easier due to some kind of manufacturing magic.  The way the sword attaches is a little nerve-wracking, though, involving three exceptionally tiny pins above the wrist.  Needless to say, I will be excruciatingly careful.

        Of course he's got the same amazing posing abilities as the other Figuarts, and I have no complaints about any of his joints.  He's weighted beautifully, nothing feels either too tight or too loose, and he doesn't require his stand to strike a pose.  It's just kind of fun.

        And now we compare!  H-01 is clearly a repaint with a different head sculpt.  I can handle that.  The tops of his thighs are notably different as well.  H-01's clear plastic is also more translucent than transparent.

        COMPARATIVE ASS SHOT.  That little "China" on the top of H-01's thigh is going to get scraped off as soon as I'm done writing this.  Amusing as it may be for an android to have "China" on their thigh.

        And sure, he gets an ass shot all his own.  You're welcome.

        I just hope they're going to learn to get along.  Wild Tiger is understandably a little nervous.