Revoltech Wolfwood

        Yes, I enjoyed Wolfwood a good deal.  After a few weeks of debating whether or not I could actually stand hiss knee joints... do they drive me insane?  Find out!

        More awesome box presentation from the front.

        And from the back.  Really enjoying these boxes.

        He was packaged in layers.  I was somewhat amused.  The fact that everything was relatively easy to get out of the package was very, very nice.

        Right out of the box and looking... I'm not sure.  Wolfwood has a very curious posture.  I don't actually mind, though.  The knees, however... yes, they still drive me nuts.  But not as much as I was worried about.  Plus, they're easily hidden with his BFG accessory.

        Everyone gets an ass shot around here.

        HEY KIDS!  GET OFF MY LAWN!  ...Ahem.  Despite the rather "unique" posture, the range of movement and posing ability are really quite awesome.  When I actually manage to find room for these two, I'll have to set up a ridiculous action shot.

        Still gonna ask for a Legato figure.  Crazy bastards can never have enough action figures.