FFVII Potion Arts Figures

        Yeah, I'm one of those.  I'm not much of an RPG player, honestly, but FFVII drew me in in ways that are still going strong now.  (Which might have something to do with constant merchandising, ha ha ha.)  I also happen to appreciate the Compilation, so I guess I'm not a FFVII purist or whatever the hell they're calling themselves now.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Now go sit in your corner.

        Zaaaaack.  A personal favorite from days long past, I must admit--so having a whole game dedicated to him made me so very happy.  Even considering... you know, the ending.  Anyway.  This happens to by my favorite "stage"--puppy Zack.  And my but he looks so happy about it.

        We spend most of Crisis Core looking at Zack's ass, so this should be familiar.  Anyway, considering these figures are so small, the level of detail is absolutely amazing.  And the sword is shiny.  Very shiny.

        I couldn't not have my favorite... er... well, "baddie" works.  I rather like the layers that have been slowly building with every incarnation--and wings are dead sexy.  One wing is... somehow more so..?  Well, anyway.  The glitter in the wing didn't photograph at all, and that's disappointing.  More spectacular detail.

        However, the fact that he's standing on one foot becomes a little comical when viewed from the back.  Could just be me.  Actually, yes, it probably is.  BEHOLD THE ONE-WINGED BLACK FLAMINGO!