Transformers Generations Whirl

        The end of 2013 sort of dug its hooks in me in terms of dragging me back into Transformers.  I'd managed to resist, mostly, since a few years after Beast Wars ended its run.  I mean, I saw the toys, but... eh.  A lot of eh.  And then that show-accurate Rhinox happened and... well.  It's been a downward spiral.  That was never more clear than when I finally gave in and started reading the More Than Meets the Eye series.  Then I knew that I was screwed in a pretty permanent way.
        And then there's Whirl.  Yeah, alright, he's an Autobot.  He's also a psychopath with maybe not the most sane mindset when it comes to... anything.  He's a reckless asshole.  He's a jerk.  He's hilarious.  How can I resist?

        It should be noted that this is the "IDW version", a darker blue than standard.  It's just my preference, what can I say; the only Whirl I know is a dark blue nujob.  (Of course if Whirl's holo avatar ever becomes available in any form, I may jump at the opportunity.)  I'd had him on my "some day" list, assuming the IDW version would be either harder to find or came with a higher price... and then, as I do, I happened upon someone selling him for an unbelievably good price just before Christmas, so.  Well.  Present, right?

        I question "total control", but you know, he's survived so far.  He's got courage, skill, reasonable endurance, questionable intelligence in certain situations... yep, sounds like the kind of fighter you want on your side alright.  More on those weapons later.

        Okay, I'd seen pictures of the vehicle mode.  It looked like an awesome helicopter, but he is so much more interesting in person.  A great size for incredible detail... even if I had to apply a lot of that detail myself.  You see, he came with a sticker sheet.  I'm sure the look on my face when that fell out of the instructions was "priceless".  Or horrible.  Or both.  But for some stupid damn reason, I was determined.  I placed every last sticker.  Not necessarily straight or without a tiny little fold or something, but all stickers are present and accounted for.  Because.....????????
        So yes, weaponized helicopter.  The blade and rotor spin, of course.  Sometimes in the way of the camera.  Repeatedly.

        All of the texture detail really does make a difference.  And you can see he's also rocket-powered, because... well, Transformer.

        These stupid tiny stockers.  I mean, I'm really impressed by the detail.  But I had to put the detail there.  I do admit to finding these amusing, though.  They're pure white while against the sticker sheet, since they're white text on a clear background.  Discovering what the text actually said after they were in place was fun.

        Also a really nice little detail that should not be overlooked?  The cockpit.  They sure didn't have to do this, but I really enjoyed it.

        His "heloped" mode is pictured as having his arms folded up on the back of the box, but let's face it: us old folks are thinking, "Cool, it's a Veritech."  (Really insanely long story short, Robotech reference.)  I love this mode.  It's creepy and awesome and a whole lot of "what the hell?", befitting of Whirl.  Also, you would not want to see this coming at you.

        Sort of odd from the back, though.

        But then we get to full-on robot mode.  He looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't he?  ...Well, kind of.  If you squint.  I find his design really unique amongst Transformers, though apparently every Whirl incarnation has been "just a little different".  No wonder I appreciate it.
        Also, he's just neat.  A really wide range of articulation, a bunch of details that I didn't have to apply myself, he's a great size and he's sturdy.  Of course depending on how you have his arms... they aren't necessarily the most sturdy things.  You can fold them in a little to give them more stability, but somehow I just kind of like them "floating" a bit.

        Posing for the ass shot, like you do.  I guess there's not really... much of an ass to speak of.  Well it's still worth showing off.

        And then the weapons.  They're four individual pieces, which can be combined in a number of ways.  I find that remarkably enjoyable.

        They can also be attached to Whirl's body in a number of ways and forms for maximum destruction.  Dream come true and whatnot.

        "Hi there."  He looks friendly enough, right?  Not like the catalyst for a seemingly endless war or anything.
        Generations Whirl is definitely worth his full retail value, as far as I'm concerned.  He's got great articulation, some amazing detail, and despite the way I was twitching at the sticker sheet, it's a callback to classic Transformers of old and actually kind of cool.  Except for the whole having to put them on part.  I love the character, I love the toy, and I'm glad I didn't have to pay retail for him.  Heh.