The original release of Dante is still my favorite... so far.  Okay, so a lot of collectors insist he has plenty of "problem", but I call them whiners.

        Pristine.  Unopened.  acquired from a friend because I just damn well couldn't resist a figure that I'd been looking for (and not finding, even on Ebay) on and off for years.  So clearly, that packaging needed to be shredded.

        I find that a little hard to whine about, what can I say.  Yes, his seams show, boo hoo.  They're not garish.  Ebony and Ivory are absolutely gorgeous, and Rebellion looks kick-ass.

        See?  Awesome yum.  I suppose my only complaint is the fact that I can't really call it an action figure since there is a distinct lack of action... there's rotation in the arms, waist and head.  Normally that would cause me to complain.  Considering how much I love this figure, though, I am not going to.  I have learned to accept the barely articulated.  I am a better person for it.

        Like I said, Rebellion is kick-ass.  And the seams are totally ignorable due to this kick-ass-ness.

        While the face doesn't exactly scream "Dante" to me from this angle, it is admittedly a little hard to transfer those graphics to action figure form.  (I am not complaining about PS1 graphics.  I am not a graphics whore, like some.)  However, he does look damn sure of himself, so whatever.  And check this out:

        ACCURATE ENOUGH EYE COLOR TO COUNT.  This feels like a triumph.