Yes, I'm likely to choose Voldo 98% of the time.  (Taki the other 2%.)  He's just so damn freaky.  Though I do admit I prefer him from Soul Blade.  In fact, I prefer Soul Blade altogether above any of the sequels, but I could just be weird that way.  Didn't stop me from finally picking up this little nightmare.

        Mint figure + damaged box = incredible savings, so I snapped him up.  After all, fuck the box.  (Not literally.  For various reasons.  One being the insane amount of twist ties holding him in place, geez.  Though... Voldo really should be restrained...)

        And there he is in all of his... er... "glory".  It passes for glory, I think.  Somehow he's not as creepy as I'd hoped, but like I said, I prefer his first model.  Anyway.  This is a McFarlane figure, and so the paint and detail are pretty damn good.  The fact that I got him out of the package and didn't bend or break anything must mean they've improved somewhat.  Or I was somehow more careful.  Whatever.

        But, again, this is a McFarlane figure.  So articulation is pretty much nonexistent.  There's a little bit in his arms.  And neck.  And waist.  And left hand.  ...Yep.  Not to mention the waist joint makes it look like he's got a pretty brutal injury there, but... if you're familiar with Voldo, this won't phase you at all.  Still, wonderful detailing and it's unquestionably Voldo, who I enjoy enough to have bought this figure in the first place.
        One thing to note (which amused me) is that the display base rotates thanks to a little slider on the side.  So Voldo can put on a little fashion show for you.  See, the nightmares never end!

        Creepiness and detail don't stop at the front!  Which... sounds creepy in itself, but nevermind.  Especially now that I'm looking at the back.  That can't be comfortable.  Not that the guy's about comfort.