Figuarts Origami Cyclone

        I couldn't resist.  I really couldn't.  I wanted Origami Cyclone since the first pictures of this figure were released.  But I'd kind of already gotten Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. so... I stayed out of the pre-order war.  Still, the detail was impressive, and I'd hoped to pick him up eventually.  Eventually is now!

        These boxes are so difficult to photograph.  I can only imagine what someone may think of this character if this is one's first look at him.  It's an... unusual hero outfit, no doubt about that.  I mean, first impressions are probably about right, but.  Uber-Japanese mecha ninja?  At least he's got an artificial nipple, dammit.

        Look at that ninja action!  And fancy kicks, geez.  You'd kind of never guess that his power is shapeshifting, would you?

        So beyond his super fancy outfit, he's actually got two enormous shuriken; one is "free" of the holder which goes into a peg on his back, and the other attached to a holder that fits in the same place.  And of course he's got the one tiny shuriken, because... well, he does.  He also has 6 different hands, it's just that the closed fists and open fists looked similar enough to make me question that for a moment.  Also, the sword hilts are supposed to be removable.  Which I did not realize initially.  Crisis averted; we'll get back to that later.

        And here he is displaying that he can indeed hold both swords and look kinda cool doing it!  The detail is absolutely amazing.  They really went all out with the molding as well as the paint job.  My only slight complaint is that his hands pop off a little too easily... but that's often universal with these types of replacement parts/joints, so.  He can still hold things, and pose, so I'm happy here.

        Of course there's an ass shot.  Seriously.  You can see the peg hole in his back (must resist joke).  And those little silver swivel-y things on the backs of his hips?  That's where you put the sword hilts!  So it looks like he's actually got the swords sheathed without needing to carry around the long blades.  They would kind of get in the way there, it must be said.  A little odd, but very interesting.
        You can also see why he has such a hard time balancing on his own here.  The shoes are... ridiculous.  All the added weight on his back doesn't help, nor does turning his ankles for the most part.  He doesn't require his stand... but it sure is helpful.

        Shuriken attack!  I've got a soft spot for the kid, what can I say.  Going from a quiet guy who tries to stay in the background to someone assured enough to volunteer for a dangerous mission.  He even winds up doing things!  And saving people!  But he still remains a massive and glorious dork at heart.  This is important.