Transformers Generations Chromia

        I knew that Chromia was coming out with Arcee, whenever that may have been (for long ago, it was only known that they were going to happen, but not what they looked like or when they would appear), but I wasn't paying too much attention.  When the full color prototype was finally revealed, I really enjoyed the design.  And, okay, the "lightcycle-ness".  The fact that so many retailers were bundling her with Arcee was entirely too tempting, so of course I had to get both.  (Arcee's page is here.)  I pre-ordered her even before I'd read Windblade's 4-part comic, and afterward... well I was sure keeping that pre-order.  Autobots can be so harsh.

        But she only comes with one gun!  It's not a real complaint, but I'm just pointing that out.  Not that she needs more if she can turn into a light motorcycle and whip away, I suppose.  Once again it's very clear that Transformers are 30 years old and I am older and shut up, Hasbro.  Also, congrats on survival despite multiple attempts to set the toy line on fire.
        I'd just like to take a minute to say that packaging comics with toys again is just so wonderful.  Not just for nostalgia reasons, but it's also awesome.  Carry on.

        You do not want to be screwing with her, in other words.  Something about her packaging just did not agree with my camera, but maybe it was actually her attitude coming through.  She is kinda maybe a little scary there, yeah.

        But she has a kickstand.  Don't mind me, I just loved that detail.  So, clearly, this is her vehicle mode, complete with gun ready to ruin someone's day at high speed.  I've heard some complaints already about the US version not having the tinted window, and... yeah, it would have been a nice touch, but technically I can do that myself if I ever want to.  It's a thought.
        I'm also a little intrigued by the front wheel, there.  Technically you can snap it into place further ahead of the rest of the bike, but you can also make it a little more compact like this.  I have no idea if it's "meant" to be versatile in that way, but I'll enjoy it anyway.

        Now, I spent over 10 minutes trying to transform her.  For one thing, those damn wordless instructions aren't always the most effective for actually telling you what to do, and this is my first motorcycle Transformer, so I didn't have any experience to pull from.  Two, there's that damn gap which seems so very obviously not right, and yet it's "supposed to be there".  Then I think my Chromia just has super tight articulation points.  That isn't a bad thing, but it's a hell of a lot harder to transform by trial and error.  Still, I got it, go me.

        Still kinda lightcycle-ish, I'm telling you.  Even if seeing her hands and feet sticking out becomes a touch creepy.

        And then robot mode!  Which took less time, though the front wheel assembly did not want to go back without a fight.  It lost, ha.  She's quite clearly a feminine robot in design, with some incredible ass-kicking boots and an attitude.  Unfortunately, the way the front wheel is made to block the top and back of her head, there's no decent light source that'll make her eyes "glow" through the transparent plastic.  They're a lovely amber, though.

        Ass shot!  Er, kind of.  Well, you know.  Robo-ass.  She actually looks a bit awkward from this angle, I suppose.

        So let's get to the (possibly obvious) downside of this figure: poseability is really limited by all of her vehicle mode stuff.  One can get around this by moving it, though that's not technically "how it should be".  I'm sure that's what I'll be doing anyway for more dynamic poses and other dumb things.  She's a really fun figure even if she does only come with one gun.  It's not like I can't make her more or borrow G.I. Joe weapons.