Transformers Generations Arcee

        This toy is a big deal.  It took Hasbro 28 yearsto finally give us a proper Arcee figure based on the character which first appeared in Transformers: The Movie (you know, the real one; I guess I just prefer the old animated train wreck to the newer series of train wrecks).  The reasons seem to be speculation only, though the words "copyright loss" were thrown around a lot.  There were also several prototypes made and never finished for any number of reasons.  Now yes, the name "Arcee" has appeared on several toys, and she's been everything from a spider to a motorcycle (boy was she a motorcycle a lot), but she also managed to be a car a time or two.  They did come close with her "Animated" version... but that wasn't close enough.
        The moment she went up for pre-order, I snagged her.  I'd been waiting for a picture, information, anything; and finally at Botcon 2014, she was revealed.  Minutes later, she was all over the internet.  Had to have her.  She was shown alongside Chromia, and... well.  (Chromia's page is here.)

        Almost 30 years indeed.  I was sort of stricken with the sheer number of weapons she comes with.  Making up for lost time?  I approve.
        It must also be noted that apparently Arcee has a variant when it comes to her hands, as documented by "felzbug".  I'm really not sure what's going on there, but it'd be interesting to know.  I'm guessing the "open hand" proved to be easily broken and was changed later in production.

        Once again, not someone to be screwed with.  That strength, skill and speed will kill you three times before you hit the floor.  Then she might run over you once or twice before she gets tired and parks on your corpse.

        Look at this.  Look.  Sleek futuristic happiness with a nod to the classics.  And wow that fire power.
        A note on transformation: I'm going to have to pick over the instructions again.  They would appear to have shown the wrong thing to do with the legs, though misunderstanding is possible.  They don't need to be turned, just folded.  It took me a while to figure that out, but luckily no breakage resulted.  Whoo!

        She's a bit of a one-Autobot army there.  But look at how sleek and gorgeous and deadly and damn I love this car.

        Before I have to hear any more complaints (because, again, I've never known any group of people to complain about being pandered to as much as Transformer fans; though I know that's the massively over-vocal minority).  Now, I could have waited a few months and paid about double what I did for Hasbro's Arcee, for Takara's version.  Yes, the Japanese version.  There's a reason they're more expensive: they're totally worth it.  Does the US/Hasbro version have some minor paint mishaps?  Yes.  Anything I can't repair if I need to?  Absolutely not.  An amazing value for a $17 toy?  Hell yes. ...And Takara's version didn't have any pink chrome, so I didn't think it was worth the extra for me personally.  Pink chrome, man.

        Also, look at how fucking shiny that shit is.  I actually almost blinded myself getting this shot.

        And finally, Arcee.  Holy crap it's about time.  To me personally, it was worth the wait.  Especially because of all those weapons, but also because hey look it's really finally Arcee.
        I've already heard some complaints, of course.  You can't help but do so when you rely on message boards for release date rumors.  Some people seem to have some complaints about her face, that it's too "1980's robot" or worse, too much of an "empty smile".

        But that's only so you don't see her coming to end you.  With a smile.

        Another "hidden ass".  Well, it's understandable.  She can't rely on her teammates to cover her ass if they're spending all their time staring at it, now can she?
        And then "the backpack".  So many complaints about this.  I actually have no problems with it; the way everything slides into place when switching between modes is somehow enormously satisfying, and I can imagine that she's much safer from getting shot in the back than most Autobots.  Fools.  My Arcee does tend to have a little trouble with her, er, "neck plate" staying snapped into place, but I think this is fixable.  I'll have to tinker.

        She has an enormous range of motion, especially when compared to Chromia.  "Backpack" or not, she's well articulated.  She's also very well balanced, it must be said; for a back-heavy figure with very small feet, she stands and keeps her balance very well.  And obviously she also sits, which is a personal point of celebration to me.

        Well, there's a side-glimpse at her ass, anyway.  Side-ass.  Posing in the moment before someone gets their own ass handed to them.

        And this is just too cool for words.