Dante (Play Arts Kai)

        I have waited.  Both for a decently articulated Dante figure, and for this one in particular.  So, much, happiness.

        Even behind plastic, he looks like... well, Dante.  Yay for that molded smirk.  Boo for not realizing that my hands were reflected in the box until now.

        The back of the box and proof that universes just keep colliding with S-E around.

        But before we tea this sucker open, a look at the sides of the box.  What flashy little church windows we have there. *grin*  They both have the exact same box top.  SO let's rip this sucker open and throw away the plastic prison!

        And right out of the box he was incredibly "Look at me, look at me!" so that was a good sign.  Dante is Dante; showy and remarkably flexible.  The textures are quite incredible too--while of course the chaps aren't real leather, when I first touched them they were remarkably like it.  Look at the luscious degree of detail in the boots alone.  As true to the game model as a figure can get, I think.  (Some of us have spent quite some time with the game model. *cough*)

        Like I said, Dante is Dante.  The coat itself is articulated at the waist, allowing for all kinds of "movement" poses... but at times, that can complicate posing.  It's the need for balance; the coat tends to shift rather easily, sending the figure face-first to the ground.  But he's Dante, he'll be okay.

        Again with the incredible detail and flexibility.  Wha ha ha.  ...Ahem.  The joints are really rather nice--not too firm, not too loose.  They aren't like every standard Play Arts figure that I own, being that most of the joints work flawlessly... but some are permanently stuck.  Minor annoyances, though: the hands are a bit more difficult to pop into place than I'd like.  Shaving the holes down just slightly with a utility knife isn't a big deal for me, though.  Nor is touching up paint, though there's nothing here that I find needs any touching up.

        ASS SHOT.  It's Dante, he was just waiting to be asked.

Dante: Arrest me, baby.
Nero: *embarrassed silence*