Figma Motoko Kusanagi

        Three days before she showed up at my doorstep, I'd just finished re-watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.  I was ready.  Of course I'd been ready, for years, because no figure of the Major seemed to me in any way... the Major.  I mean yes, she's clearly part sex symbol, come on; but that beauty needed to be paired with the essence of the character I'd come to adore.  Strong, confident, intelligent, mysterious, a little achingly wistful and a little mischievous; I didn't want all the other the tits and asses with a face that clearly wasn't hers.
        I was sold on this figure from her prototype.  But I waited.  We all waited, for months.  Then, finally, the painted version appeared, the pre-orders opened that night, and she was ordered.  ...And then we all waited again, for months, because she was delayed as she is a Figma, but I digress.

        The moment I saw this looking up at me, I was just so happy.  I mean, the box design is quite nice... but I still ripped it to hell and threw it away.  Free Motoko!

        Yes.  Yes, this is her, this is the Major.  With pants, even.  I mean, I'm not complaining, but I found it amusing how they went for the "full pants" design rather than the stockings, but she is perfect either way.

        And this would be her accessory spread.  You may have noticed that she comes with another pair of breasts.  This made me laugh from the moment I'd heard about it.  Really, the extras are just more "compact" for certain crouching/holding the gun close poses, and that's the only difference.
        So we've got our Figma plastic bag (which still amuses me), an extra wrist joint, "windy" hair, four additional pairs of hands, the "extra breasts", her subtle smile face, her angry/yelling face, and "cool gun shit".  Because cool gun shit.  And then of course you have Motoko herself, displaying the "stern face" and her extremely important ability to sit.

        "I told you what wind does to my hair, and you didn't listen."  Ahem.
        So a slightly better shot of her joints and poseability.  I'd heard that she had a "new body design", but what I wasn't expecting was... well, ultimately a pretty much a really classy 3 and 3/4" G.I. Joe.  Now, do not take that as an insult.  Joes had amazing poseability... except for the elastic band that held their midsections together, which always broke.  Motoko does not have an elastic band, luckily, but she follows in similar footsteps, with awesome upgrades.  So many swivels!  Tight but smooth joints!  Her hands can turn!  And ankles!  And her hips can tilt!

        And this.  I made a sound when I found out about this.  Sheer joy.  Her finger can be right on the trigger.  I'm just so happy.  So happy.  Go ahead and think it's weird all you want, I'm used to figures that can't quite grip their guns this way.  This is beautiful.

        And then this little nod to the series.  Hidden away beneath her hair are her ports.  (And if you didn't already know that Motoko has a fully artificial body... well, now you do.)

        She's also got firepower.  Because, again, the Major.  If someone needs to be taken down, she's going to do it.

        I admit that I prefer her subtle smile most of all.  It's a wonderful and all to rare sight, right?  Like pants.

        But speaking of, ass shot!  ...Which will hopefully not turn into a warning shot.  The peg hole in the back there is for her stand, but wonder of wonders, it's a Figma female who doesn't need a stand to stand up!  This is exciting to me after having KOS-MOS and T-elos, who can't stand under their own power even with putty on their feet.  (It's mostly he hair, I suppose, but.)

        Comparison.  Motoko is sleeker than KOS-MOS, for sure, but she has a lot of upgrades.  Wrists that can twist, for instance, and those tilting hips make for far less stiff poses.  Motoko doesn't have a breast cannon, tough.  ...As far as I'm aware.

        This is another improvement/revelation.  Enough to warrant another picture.  Look at the bendy foot.  Look at it.  So very important for posing and standing and an awesome figure.

        "How did you wind up so small?"  Okay, so they're not to scale, but the Major and the Tachikoma are finally reunited.
        Worth the wait?  Yes.  Oh, yes.  A long wait it was, but this is definitely Motoko, and I am very happy to have her here at long last.  Someone's got to try and keep everyone else in line here.