Revoltech Vash

        Since I was introduced to Trigun "way back when", in the days when Netflix was new, I have adored Vash.  It seemed only natural to snap him eventually.

        As you can see, the box presentation is pretty damn awesome.  But oh, there's more.

        A very nice box back is definitely a plus.  Some truly great shots of the figure in action, plus pointing out some of the niftier bits.  Too bad it's in the trash now, I guess.

        Vash didn't need all of that fancy space and switchable weapons parts, no sir.  ...But he did have a twist tie.  Just one, so it wasn't the bane of my existence (I'm looking at you, Hasbro), and it was easy enough to get him free, but I was terrified for a minute there.

        Dance like no one's watching, Vash!  Here he is straight out of the box and... well, being Vash.  The detail is really remarkable, and the paint is pretty damn awesome.

        Er... ass shot?

        Not having has any experience with Revoltech aside from the Starscream I bought on the spot because of his epic smirk alone, I wasn't sure what to think of the joints at first.  Now that I've got a feel for them, they're really quite awesome.  Great range of movement, very good posing.

        Vash: Look at me, aren't I awesome?  Aren't I?
        Wolfwood: Idiot.  ...I have the bigger gun, at least.
        All in all?  Definitely worth waiting for.  Now please, Revoltech... consider a Legato figure, would you?  Pleeeeease?