Play Arts Kai Prompto Argentum

        Ten years.  Yes, okay, I ordered all of the FFXV PAKs at once (except Noctis, who came later, but I ordered him the second I could too) without really knowing what the quality would be like or if there would be any sort of regret to the decision.  After PAK Ignis, I was pretty sure actual regret was not a thing that would happen.  On my part.  On my bank account's part, that might be a different story.
        Now I can assure everyone without a single doubt, no regrets.  The game's not even out yet and it's already draining my funds, but no matter.  Finally I get to writing about the member of the road trip crew voted most likely to be mistaken for a chocobo in a crowd.

        These stupid boxes.  I love them, but they still photograph horribly.  I managed with a flash and a slightly smaller size, but ugh.  I'm also kind of amused that he's kind of posed like he was just asked the dumbest question of his life, so that's a thing I guess.

        The back of the box didn't photograph much better, but that's 2/4 down.  I still can't wait for the others, even if it's a countdown to being "really, really poor".

        Yep, the inside flap also didn't turn out so great no matter what lighting and focus I tried, but hey, it's... sort of legible.  ...Ish...  Look it's just a nice pose and background alright.  Text:

The life of the party who puts friends first

Fast friends with Noctis since their school days, Prompto is a young man of common birth.  Given his lighthearted nature, he often comes across as flippant, but deep inside hides a sensitive soul who understand the burden of his highborn friends even as he keenly feels his lower station.  When tragedy befalls Lucis, Prompto finds himself out of his depth.  Nevertheless, he strives to carry more than his own weight, lightening his companion's cares as well as their spirits.

Unlike his royal companions, Prompto is untrained in combat.  Even so, he stands ready to do his part, charging into battle with a pair of handguns and assisting his allies from afar.

        Aaaaahhh there he is with that little smirk, waiting for me to tear the box right open.  The wait was not a long one.  And again there's that "etched" weapon on the plastic, his gun looking super fancy and just a little bit glowy.  A really nice touch even if the box will be completely decimated.  After I take the magnets out, anyway.

        Look at him.  Just look at him.  Breathe it in, but not too deeply because he still smells like new toy and plastic fumes.  Not too bad, though.  He comes with his gun, open hands, fists, and gun-holding hands, though only his right hand has the trigger finger out.
        ...I do have one gripe.  One very large gripe.  His pants.  Aren't leopard print.  Granted they are supposed to be very subtle leopard print, but here... nothing.  I may have to fix that in the future.

        To anyone who might even think to gripe about the lack of accessories and yet being the same price as Ignis, look at this detail.  I was floored.  Even more impressive than Ignis'.  Yes, alright, there's no leopard spots on the pants, but look at this.  His skull belt, most of the patches that aren't copyrighted to others (*cough*), the buttons, the bandana, the... whatever the hell those plaid things are, his battle skirts.  Chain.  Shirt.  Gloves, bracelets.  Wear on the vest itself.  I'm just.  Wow, yes, good.

        And then there's the gun, which is also fairly impressive.  Textured grip, really intricate details, super shiny.  I continue to be impressed.  And maybe not feeling as annoyed by the lack of leopard print pants... but a little.

        Let's combine more "look at that detail!" with the traditional ass shot, shall we?  Because damn.  All-around damn.  More battle skirt action, but the back of that vest is magnificent.  The boots, too.  And of course that hair.
        I'm also pretty impressed by the incredibly subtle shading given to his skin.  Yeah, alright, I'll have to add his freckles in myself; I'm okay with that.  I was expecting that.  (Look, dude.  Freckles.  I gotta.)

        Anyone familiar with the Episode Duscae demo of Final Fantasy XV will probably look upon this fondly.  Prompto is a bit of a... wild gunslinger.  I guess you could say.  Running and sliding around, looking amazing and ridiculous in equal measure.  With the promise of clothes getting dirty in the game, he's going to be covered in mud and dirt all the damn time.  What about grass stains?  Well, I guess black doesn't really show that much.  Good call, then.
        Also a nicer view of the boots, which still impress me too.

        Finger gun versus regular gun, start.  Also the little hidden skull charm on his chain nearly hidden under the "battle skirt".  The level of detail and function just.  Oh man, it's a glorious balance.
        And that's the thing, I suppose; it's a balance that I feel Square-Enix has finally stricken incredibly well.  Yeah they're pricier figures, but I continue to see why very clearly.  Great poseability and gorgeous detail that really capture these characters we're still getting to know on screen.  Between the smooth-moving joints and the locking joints, the possibilities are delightfully (dangerously) endless.

        ...But maybe you shouldn't be playing with that.

        Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's happy here.  He gets as many chocobo hugs as he wants, and doesn't have to battle for survival.  Much.  And while those damn knee joints are still weird, they don't anger me nearly as much as Revoltech Wolfwood's do.  For some reason.
        At this point in time, the wait for Noctis and Gladiolus continues.  But seeing as how Ignis and Prompto both released early... I guess I'll have to prepare myself for the bank account damage sooner rather than later.