Transformers Sky Lynx (Shuttle)

        I must confess, I've wanted a Sky Lynx for many years.  I really did want to get the full set of two robots (the shuttle, seen here, and the crawler/transporter/"bottom thingie", seen here), but... you know.  Even reissues of original G1 figures can be excruciatingly insanely priced, especially if you mean to get them boxed so you can open it yourself and take a questionably healthy whiff of newly released plastic.  Sky Lynx was my "some day" goal purchase of... some kind.  To get after I did something.  I'd always loved the shuttle's design; he's just so freaking cool, this... dinosaur bird dragon thing.  And, well, space shuttle.  I'm kind of really into that.
        Then I saw this guy on Ebay by complete stupid (though appreciated) accident.  $20 after shipping.  "Some day" was the second I hit the Buy It Now button.

        I believe that they call this "played with condition".  Which I did expect; the seller had pictures, none of this was a surprise.  When he arrived, there were several small colored marks which looked to be from other plastics rubbing up against the white surface.  There was a little dirt, too, but those things were easily taken care of with a little bit of baking soda paste.  The stickers were clearly peeling just a bit at the edges, so I sealed them with something high gloss to keep them intact.
        In short, the previous owner played with their toys, but kept them in good condition.  I couldn't be happier to give this guy another home.  The Autobot rubsign does work, by the way... it's just that my hands are usually too cold to get the insignia to show up.  Ahem.

        ROCKETS.  Also, this is the reissue version.  One of the "subtle" tells is having the rockets on a hinge that also pulls out a bit.  Which is important for not breaking everything during the transformation.  Kind of important and all that.

        Nice little feature?  The shuttle opens and then there's shiny!  Well, you know, I would notice a thing like this.  It's also just kind of a nice touch.

        But then you flip him over and... are those legs?

        They are!  I may be tempted to keep him like this occasionally, because it's hilarious.  NASA, take note.  Legs.

        Whoah, where did that come from?  The tail tucks inside in a pretty ingenious way, but due to how everything slides back and forth, sometimes things get stuck.  I can't really say that's much of a complaint, since un-sticking them isn't too difficult.  So if he has a tail, does that mean..?

        BEHOLD.  Or something.  His head and neck just kind of fold right out.  Also, wings come out of the... uh... wings.  Wing-wings.

        LOOK AT HIM.  And the teeth and the everything.  I hesitate to admit that my first verbal reaction to him was, "I didn't know he'd be so damned adorable."  Look at him.

        And he's freaking huge.  I'm halfway tempted to rig something to let him sit on my shoulder, because he's enormous.  I mean, I knew he was "kind of on the big side", but measurements and transforming the thing in person are two completely different things.  Easily the biggest Transformer I have now.

        Look at those adorably deadly teeth and the missile launcher right behind them.  Surely he likes head scratches.

        He also likes tummy rubs.  Don't be shy.
        I love newer Transformers, I really do.  And I love Beast Wars-era toys, even when it was clear that some of them were designed on the tail end of a binge of some kind.  But there really is a charm to these 1980s Japanese transforming robots that I would say does (IN PART only) justify the high prices of the originals.  And I love big 'bots, what can I say.  I'm really happy to have Sky Lynx in particular, because he was one of those figures I'd been hoping to grab for years.
        Will I ever get the "bottom thingie" for a complete set?  Oh sure, maybe someday.  But the shuttle is what I really love, so... I don't mind the firm "maybe".  I'm happy.  He looks pretty happy, too.