Figma T-elos

        Ever since I got my hands on Figma's KOS-MOS, I've been waiting for a T-elos.  Not just for lesbian android jokes, but it helps.  I was honestly surprised to find out that there would in fact be a release, and I pre-ordered her as soon as I could.  Only one month delay this time, too.  Of course there was an extra week's delay with the stupid "superstorm" Sandy, but hey, she got here.

        So much purple.  Prince would freak.  The box is notably smaller than KOS-MOS', but then that's because T-elos comes with fewer enormous accessories.

        And the back of the box, because... why not?

        Right out of the box: accessories!  She comes with a nifty little storage... plastic bag.  But it says Figma on it, so... cool.  She also comes with two additional faces (yelling and smirking in addition to "blank"), a visor, a pistol, four extra pairs of hands, an energy sword (as all androids have, right?) and... er, well, a chest weapon.  As one has, you know.  There's also that nifty little stand that keeps her upright, very important.

        But let's go straight for full combat mode.  She's gonna cut you.
        Paint and detail-wise, she's looking good.  She's got a little bitty "Telos" written on her visor, which is a nice touch as far as I'm concerned.  It also makes me want to go back and watch a few cut-scenes from the game, but I swear that's not a bad thing.
        The only point of curiosity is the tips of her hair being green.  It's just... a little odd.  Again, maybe I just have to go back and watch, but it seems just a little out of place.

        Posing, as I've come to expect from a Figma, is really excellent.  Two minor complaints, though: she can't sit down, and a couple of her wrist joints are loose.  Now the first complaint is ridiculous to everyone but me, I know.  I have very weird poses for my toys, as I use them to amuse me.  The second complaint is still minimal since I can tighten up the joints with any number of glues.  And since those are the only two complaints I really have, I'd say that's amazingly good.

        Ass shot.  You should have known that was coming by now.  She's got a super fancy ass, too.

        Comparison shot!  ...Sort of.  They look alike but really quite different for spoiler-y plot reasons.  Geez, KOS-MOS, you embellish a little too much.

        And what the hell, double ass shot.  You're welcome.