Fall of Cybertron Shockwave

        What can I say, I'm a Shockwave fan.  Oh, not nearly as much as I am a (ravenous and borderline obsessive) Ravage fan, but maybe there's just something about a long-eared cyclops.  ...Or not.  Generally it's the toy/comic version of the character I enjoy more, because Megatron can't possibly have too many rivals.
        After the run of Autobot ladies of late, I just... desperately needed another Decepticon on the shelves.  Or that's the main story.  Also, Hasbrotoyshop had him heavily discounted and with 10% off and free shipping, so I jumped on him because Shockwave.  (That, and because I'd been doing some reading and discovered that the ownership of Shockwave's original design is in question.  What this means for a possible Masterpiece Shockwave is unclear.  And possibly extremely unfair.  But, toy digression.)

        At least the packaging isn't reminding me that TRANSFORMERS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR 30 YEARS AND BOY YOU'RE OLD, HUH?  It is suggesting that transformation difficulty only goes from 0-3, though.  I beg to differ.

        He ain't fast, but he doesn't have to be, 'cause smarts.  As an aside, I can't say that Fall of Cybertron is exactly my kind of game, but I was curious enough to watch a little of it.  Steve Blum is forever everywhere.  (Not a criticism.  ...The criticism is, I'd have liked a little more filtering on his voice.  I'm just saying, okay.)

        So his vehicle mode is pretty much a super-neat tank with wings.  Because we can't have Transformers become guns anymore.  Tanks, though?  Tanks are cool and not nearly as easily associated with death!  Ahem, at least he's a rather cool tank.

        A tank with rockets, because you damn well need a flying rocket tank of doom for... you, know, things.  Decepticon things.  Things you probably wouldn't want to talk about anyway.  And there's a little shimmer to the silver bits, actually.  I had to keep moving the lamp so it wouldn't be reflective enough to ruin the shot.

        I had to pause mid-transformation for this shot.  Because I am super mature.  But his gun really does go between his legs in vehicle mode so don't blame me, I'm only pointing it out.  ...And he looks vaguely disgusted about it, as he should.

        While we're firmly in that territory anyway, let's check out the ass shot.  Tiny waist, tiny ass, big hips.  I don't know, maybe it's the height of attractiveness on Cybertron.  I personally love those little pterodactyl finger flaps on the "wings", because they are somewhat useless and amuse me.

        However, if you find yourself at the wrong end of those gun, you might have a bad day.  Or no more days again.  Ever.  Bummer.
        Shockwave's joints are overall relatively simple, but he's got good balance and a decent range of motion.  I've noticed a few plastic burrs here and there around joints, but that's a factory/manufacturer thing and doesn't really affect any movement or stability.  His hands are a little annoying to get back out once you fold them in, but that's the bane of all Transformers.  It usually loosens up and gets easier over time.

        And then there's the fact that his head is spring-loaded.  It's not supposed to be possible to press down while he's in robot mode, but if you do it just right...  (His gun is now mounted on his back, as it "should be".)

        "My interests include long walks on the beach, computers, and overthrowing the 'bot I'm supposed to be a loyal minion to."

        And of course one of my favorite features.  His single "glowing" eye is super effective.