Figuarts Golden Ryan

        I wasn't going to.  I really wasn't.  And then I was and I did so oops.  Not only did the bastard have to go and make me like him, but he had to have a great suit design too.  What could I possibly do?  Not buy him?  Pft.  Also, look at how shiny.

        Dammit, Ryan.  Even in the sealed box, beneath plastic, he looks smug as hell.  I was actually a little surprised that his box was typically-sized due to the wings, but they were layered beneath him in the packaging, between sheets of plastic so everything fit together neatly.

        And then some more smugness, because Ryan.  Definitely at home in the spotlight.

        More shiny!  So he doesn't come with a lot of accessories, but he's got wings, dude.  And he has the snazzy new Apollon Media logo on his stand.  He also comes with one set of fists, one set of open hands, and those... uh... arm-thingies that indicate he's using his powers or whatever.  Dr. Saito's design, go figure.

        Showing off another nicely detailed glove, by the way.  And then... whatever's going on with his outer thigh armor there.  I'm just impressed that he can still stand on his own even though his wings are definitely heavy.  He's almost as heavy as Rock Bison, actually, though the weight's distributed pretty well and his boot/foot design helps a lot.  He absolutely will fall over if you breathe on him at some angles if he's not on a perfectly flat surface, though.

        Just for the hell of it, the "gravity prince" uses his powers to... really annoy the other Heroes.  Well it's a fun power, but kind of obnoxious at the same time.  Reminds me of someone.  Here you can see his... arm thingies in action.  (I swear I saw them referred to as some kind of shooting weapons before, but I can't find the reference now.)  They're exceptionally simple to switch out.  In fact, almost too much so; I may need to take measures to make the arm parts a little more difficult to just sort of come off with the least amount of pressure.  Better than having to pry them off and risk breakage, though.

        But what he really wants to do is dance.

        Ass shot and better wing shot!  Two for one!  Boy ain't got Tiger's ass, no sir.
        Really, though, these wings impress me.  They've got an incredible range of motion, and they're beautifully designed.  The only real downside is the fact that they attach via two pins each.  Now, they stay in place alright, and that's not the difficulty; it's the fact that the angles I like to have them at are pretty much the exact same angles that make them really easy to take off.  I may wind up gluing them on since I just really like the look of them.  And, well, they're kind of part of the Hero suit.
        By the way, it does matter which wing goes on which side.  That was discovered pretty quickly, and it's obviously an easy fix.

        Okay, look, I need to point this out.  He has claws.  It was stupidly one of my favorite parts of his suit in the movie, and I was just so happy to see them in the toy as well.
        The level of detail and poseability is what I've come to expect from Figuarts: excellent.  I'm really glad I snagged him before second-hand sellers started driving his price way up.  Now if I could just get a Blue Rose for a reasonable amount.

        One great big happy Hero family, right?  Right?