Transformers Airachnid

        So let me just make a confession here: I haven't watched Transformers Prime.  Yeah, I know.  After Beast Machines, way back in the day, I was just kind of... no.  There was a whole lot of no after that series, though.  I like the glorious insane dumb of G1 and adore Beast Wars much more than I should, but... I've been tentative about watching anything else.  I know, I know.  But they all have humans in them and I'm not watching Transformers for the humans, y'know?  But what I do know about Airachnid is that she's evil and kind of vicious, so clearly I was drawn to her.  When I came across her in a comic book store for a very good deal, I couldn't just leave her there.

        Especially because she's a purple and black helicopter.  Even if her name makes me twitch a little.  But there was this gorgeous sharp-edged viciousness and clearly she had to come home with me.

        And just look at that bio.  Evil, obsessive, mean.  She cries out for comedy.

        I'd just like to point out here that Hasbro has finally learned not to use those damn twist ties or any other absolutely horrendous method of securing the toys to the plastic packaging.  What they use now?  Basically, twine.  Four easily untied knots later and she was out of the package.  I'm a little convinced that I slipped through to an alternate universe, but I won't complain because Transformers.
        Anyway, she looks awesome as a helicopter.  Flipping the, er, windshield open also reveals a single seat inside, which would not photograph so I decided screw it because I had better pictures to take.

        Like this one.  Wow does she look awesome.  All sleek and badass and murder-y, plus just a little of that slight pearl sheen on the purple.
        The unfortunate thing is that she lacks some articulation.  And by some I mean a lot.  She's not completely stiff, but her elbows... don't do much.  Her knees do at least bend, and she's got a lot of movement in her shoulders.  Ultimately she's a very simple figure, but she still looks damn good.

        She does have stigmata, though.  Her hands creep me out, but in part because you have to shove her weapons through them.  And they have very long pegs.  It's a little awkward.

        Okay, so she's not much for curves.  She has a, uh... very sharp ass.  That's a compliment, right?

        Back to what I was saying about lacking some articulation, but she can still strike a pose.  Shame about that stigmata, though.