D-Style Black Convoy

        Well... I already had tiny angry Optimus Prime, right?  And tiny angry Megatron.  So of course I needed tiny angry Black Convoy!  That totally makes sense.  It just does.

        And look at that box art.  Amazingly cool.

        Gotta level with everyone: this time was a lot easier.  Probably because I'd already built the near-exact Optimus Prime, but... I mean, it was scary how quickly this one came together.
        So there we have Black Convoy looking at his toys: the mace, ax, JETPACK, pointing accusingly hand, gun, and... tiny truck.  For some reason.  Why not, really.

        Definitely tiny, definitely angry.  And so very '80s.  Of course I love it.
        The only "problem" that some people might point out?  The silver-gray plastic is a little "wavy", color-wise.  Honestly, I'm not really bothered by it, but I can hear the potential bitching over the internet.  I like its character, frankly.  This isn't a squeaky clean, bright and shiny kind of character.

        And there's the--  Uh.  Matrix in pink?  Anti-Matrix?  The Matrix's cooler brother?  It's a shiny thing in his chest okay.  Because cloning.  Robot cloning.  Look, I didn't write this stuff.  It just looks cool.

        And naturally an ass shot is needed, right?  Not that he looks too pleased about it.  That pointing finger is always going to be one of my favorite things, honestly.  Unfortunately from the back you can see that I do not bother to sand/paint all of the connection points/ "sprue marks".  But, like, deal with it.  I guess.  He looks happy enough.

        Especially with his jetpack!  It was a delightful bonus, what can I say.  Delightfully odd seeing as how a robot could probably just have blasters in his feet or something, but... again, I didn't write this stuff.  And admitted a jetpack is kind of cooler.  Somehow.  He's off to destroy the Autobots, yay!

        And of course the gun can fit into the little truck.  Because... one can change size but not... the other... I guess..?  Sense-making not included.

        That is just not something that anyone should have to deal with, he's out of there.

        He's probably getting a lecture.  Optimus is pretty good at that.  Or some "life lesson" or something, but I bet Black Convoy isn't even paying attention.  He's probably thinking of '80s party music or something.
        Okay, so it's a copy of something I already paid for and built myself, fine.  But the jetpack makes it different, right?  And the colors?  And the badassness?  I mean, Decepticons.  I gotta even things out here.