D-Style Megatron

        Well... I'd already gotten the Optimus Prime, so... he couldn't be allowed to be lonely, right?  That was actually the second excuse.  The first: TINY ANGRY MEGATRON.  How in the world could I possibly resist?

        There was still dread when the box arrived.  And yet more when I opened it.  I guess maybe I'm getting a little numb to the fear, though, since I just went ahead and set it aside for a few days, then dove right in without worrying too much.  I should be very afraid of this.

        But then look at the result!  Here, he is tiny smirky Megatron, showing off the other two expressions, his mace, and his tiny gun mode.  Because obviously Decepticons don't just change shape, they change size too.  Because reasons.  Because drugs, cheap animation, and the 1980's, I don't know.

        I was not quite prepared for the adorable tiny gun.  I never had the opportunity to snag a G1 Megatron (and sure as hell am not paying what anyone's asking for one now), but this just made me happy.  Even if it's tiny andneeds the tiniest bit of sanding to be able to fit smoothly together.  I'll get around to it.

        But this piece of shit.  Most of the mace just snapped together in two pieces, no big deal.  Eight of the spikes, however, had to be added.  Individually.  By hand.  These tiny damn purple spikes.  Can you imagine the string of cursing that went into this?  If not, I could probably manage to repeat myself pretty easily.  At least they fit snugly.

        Closer on the tiny smirky face.  The face plates just sort of slide into the head piece so they're easy to switch out.  I must admit this is my favorite expression, though.

        But here's tiny frowny Megatron doing his "disinterested model" thing.  Also showing off some of the more impressive details, like the panels on the insides of his legs and the scope on his arm.  And yes I applied those stickers by hand.  And no none of them are perfectly aligned but you can barely tell so take that.  And... just take that.

        Again he's actually really well articulated for such a small figure, and even able to stand under his own power pretty easily.  I'm not sure what he's doing here.  Interpretive dance, maybe.

        Gotta get that ass shot in!  Supposedly his scope can be taken off his arm and will fit into the... hole...in the back... but that seemed inappropriate on so many levels.
        Also, he's so shiny.  Not annoyingly shiny enough to bother the camera, but definitely shiny.

        And finally!  Tiny angry Megatron!  Man he does look angry.  Probably at something you did.  Might wanna start running now.
        I also love how, if the light is at just the right angle, it looks like he has pupils.  Not sure if that was intentional or not, but it amuses me.

        And then that surreal moment when you're holding yourself.

        "Do you see this shit?"
        In all, I'm very happy that I leaped onto this pre-order.  I actually ordered him before I ordered Optimus, so... well.  Now they can just buddy around.  Or... not.  Because opposing factions and whatnot.  (Unless of course you're into More Than Meets the Eye... which I am.  Long story, though.  And Megs definitely has his Decepticon insignia here, so.)
        Point being, while I still twitch at the concept of putting all of these little plastic pieces together, the instructions are clear and the general work isn't... too bad.  At least the result can't be argued with.  Unless you want to make him angry.