Beast Hunters Voyager Predaking

        Hasbro was having a 25% off and free shipping sale on their web site.  I'd ordered Rhinox for an astonishingly good deal, so... I figured I may as well grab another that I'd had my eye on for the same deal.  SCORE.

        Oh boy, twin hydrafire blasters!  You may, as I did, immediately notice that the toy pictured on the box is not exactly the toy that came in the box, but then I may be the sort of person to notice things like that.  There's a little more detailing in the box photos of this guy, is all I'm saying.  Still, I got the leader.

        And if I'm reading this right, then that means Predaking is super destructive, a little less than perfectly bright, and crap when it comes to skill.  I like him already.

        No black on the wings.  Yet.  I'm thinking of detailing him myself, but that's neither here nor there.  He does have a sweet number tattoo, though!  Ahem.  I'm really liking the molded details, adding some circuitry here and there.  There's some surprisingly decent articulation in most parts, but the tail is stiff and set in place.  That just annoys me a bit.
        Now it's been a few years since I've picked up a new Transformer, so I was pretty happy with most of the construction.  Some parts are super flexible, rubbery, and are much easier on the fingers than superfuckingsharpow everywhere.  Some of the joints, though... are too loose and come apart too easily for my liking.  That's an easy fix.  In general, pretty ingenious design.
        And oh how I did not miss Transformer instruction sheets.  Those have not improved.  They sure are easy and obvious after you're forced to figure it out yourself, aren't they?

        The "hydrafire blasters" are definitely interesting, and can attach as (if not obvious) extra heads while in beast/dragon mode to fire off little plastic missiles that you will never see again if you actually use so don't bother.  What I really love about this?  The heads are just a little different from one another.  That was a nice touch.  They can extend all the way out or sort of pull back into that ready to strike position.

        Not as attractive in robot form, I must say.  But still awesome.  (Yes, I know, the tail part should be folded up behind his back, but he kept tipping over.  Built-in stand, I say.)  The tip of his tail becomes a sword, of course, and I rather like his double-barreled hydrafire guns.  Oh, and shoulder spikes.  Because why the hell not shoulder spikes?
        One severe annoyance, though: his right leg doesn't quite fold up correctly.  That's easily compensated for, but just really annoying.

        But this is how I prefer his robot form to be.  ...Suggested dialog: "Hey bitches, time to party!"

        Speaking of party--  Uh.  Well, he doesn't have much of an ass to speak of.

        Bonus dragon Transformer tummy rubs.  Because of course.