Deformeister H-01

        Just about everyone in the entire world has heard me complain at least a dozen times about waiting for Bandai to put a Figuarts H-01 up for pre-order so I can offer a limb or some organs or my meager wallet as a sacrifice to the Tiger & Bunny android god.  So when I saw someone offering the little bitty Deformeister version, there was no way I could say no.  I have a condition.  And it requires more H-01.

        He is so tiny.  About 2.75 inches with his stand.  But there is so much attitude in this little figure.  "Super deformed" stuff isn't usually my thing, but... one does not question H-01.

        The only articulation he's got is at his neck, and his head can turn from side to side.  He really can't stand on his own, hence using the stand... but it's awesome so it's okay.  He also didn't come with any accessories, but he's a tiny little thing and the price was right, so it's not a complaint.
        As for the paint job, it honestly looks a lot messier in the pictures than it does when you're looking at him in person.  His coloring is also WAY more bright intense red-pink than the camera will pick up, and this is the best I can do at color correction without making everything else look really off.

        Yes, I always need an ass shot.  The plastic on the figure's back is a little rough, but... it is his back.  Paint and detail are still pretty good, and... well, for what it is, nice ass.  These things are very important.