Cefca (Kefka)

        $9 because the box was dented.  Dude.  I'd been wanting the figure for quite some time and completely lucked out.

        Not that you can even see the dent, so extra score.  (Around the top left.  Yes, it's that small.)  So it was with multiple layers of happiness that I ripped the box apart, rendering it much more than dented.

        He doesn't do anything, granted.  He's a little plastic statue--but he is meant to look awesome and shiny.  The wings please me ever so much, as does the pose.  The whole energy-/fireball thing is also spectacularly dramatic.

        And in the right light, he's even glowy on top of shiny!  Hey, it's important.  Now if only they release a Safer Sephiroth in Master Creatures scale, they could be angry would-be gods with awesome creepy wings together.  Alas, I will continue to hope.