Nero (Play Arts Kai)

        Now, I could have just gotten Dante, sure.  But I do have a particular fondness for Nero.  He's kinda vicious when he wants to be.  And hey, glowy hand!

        But first he was trapped in a box.  With a lot of shine.  And my hands reflected again, dammit.

        And the back of Nero's box.  Since this is just what I do.

        And now we have the sides and top of Nero's box.  Sort of flash, I must admit... but it is a box.  Therefore it must be destroyed.  Mostly because the damn tape would not cut and so it all got ripped to hell.  Where boxes belong. *points up to sit title*

        "Rawr, I have a demon hand."  ...I couldn't refuse.  Or maybe he's just waving hello.  I couldn't resist taking a picture of that pose.  Anyway.  Nero has the same level of exceptional detail that Dante does.  His clothes are more smooth than Dante's, but still textured.  And of course that hand is awesome and creepy and at least looks like it glows.

        And here's a super-dramatic pose just to amuse me.  Yes, he can certainly bend.  His coat is also articulated at the waist, so again it does make for a challenge for some standing poses that really need to be perfectly balanced, but using the coat itself to balance while they're close to the ground works perfectly.

        And another look at the detail on the sleeves and on the Devil Bringer.  I would also like those boots in black with a bit of a heel, please.

        ASS SHOT!  He was strangely a bit surprised about this.  Hasn't been around Dante enough, I guess.  Very awesome... thigh holsters that aren't really holsters.  THIGH ACCESSORIES.

Nero: Um, miss... please don't encourage him.