Transformers Generations Brainstorm

        Okay, so.  Admittedly it was More Than Meets the Eye (and particular spoilers) that drew me to considering getting this figure.  But I just really enjoyed the general aesthetics of the pictures I'd seen.  I waited, though, having other things to attend to... and noticed, as has been the case a lot lately, this guy was everything from slightly to disgustingly overpriced even at retail stores.  Where he could be found at a reasonable price: Hasbro's own online store.  Not complaining, clearly.  And dammit, just look at that uber 80's color scheme already.
     On a side note, I'd never had the opportunity to handle any G1 headmasters (and never will, if Ebay prices have anything to say about it).  They're near a weird and genuinely just so very Japanese, though.

        Dammit I'm being reminded of how old I am again.  Still, I'm actually kind of amused by how "HEAD CONVERTS TO PILOT!" is such a selling point rather than an admittedly fascinating nightmare.  He looks really bored of being in that box, though.

        I like how they casually waltz around (spoiler).  Anyway, smart and skillful and maybe a little bit nuts, but gets tired easily.  Sounds like my kind of guy!  Also, "HEAD COVERTS TO PILOT!"

        Me and my jet Transformers, I know.  This guy's nowhere near the sleek seeker model, but I think that's exactly why I enjoy the vehicle mode so much.  Still sleek but definitely something different, futuristic, and clearly kind of a giant weapon.  Suiting.
        He's also a really spectacular size, which is always a little hard to explain.  Not so small that you feel like you're going to snap something just by moving it (well, mostly), not so big as to be heavy or unruly.  Weapons can be part of both modes too, which I'm always pretty happy about because I've got a box of Play Arts hands and seriously, geez.

        Rockets.  Because rockets.  And some fins and general details and stuff.  Still painfully 80's.

        And there seems to be a pilot!  Well this is rare.  So let's meet him.

        The smirk.  The tiny sculpted smirk.  The original G1 Brainstorm's pilot was named Arcana, and while this guy hasn't been named, I figure I may as well call him Arcana, too.
        Of note: yes, so many people have whined incessantly about the paint job without taking a moment to realize it's a ~$20 US Transformer so yeah, not every tiny little paint application is going to be perfect.  The sculpted detail is amazing, the articulation for such a small figure is reasonable (head, knees and shoulders).  If you want better, learn to customize or pay two or three times more for the Japanese version, which I'm hearing isn't necessarily better in some respects.
        Ahem, yes, anyway.

        Arcana becomes a head!  ...What a terrible alt mode, poor dude.
        There is valid criticism to be found in the fact that after plugging the head into the body, the neck joint (bottom part there) is loose.  More than a little loose.  I found that mine was still easily poseable and not "floppy", though, so I don't find it a problem myself.  Several others have stated that was not the case, though that comes after criticism that the ball joint in the neck had at one point been painted, making it impossible to move.  I guess it's all or nothing.  Mine is a later release, and so the ball joint wasn't painted, but is loose.  These things do happen, and it's an easy fix.

        As I was transforming him back to robot mode, I just wanted to take a moment and point out the helpful tabs on the other end of the hands.  These are so very important, so thank you to whoever is doing the minute detail design, because I no longer have to dig out the screwdriver just to get hands flipped out of their hiding spots.  I mean, I've seen this several times before, but I'm finally mentioning it now.

        BEHOLD!  ...Brainwave without a head.  Kinda really creepy, right?  And yet still pretty damn awesome.

        Another tiny little aside: the stats.  This figure really is a loving homage to the original G1 version, right down to the "hidden" statistics on his chest.  I just love this little touch, that's all.

        But now he's got a head and guns!  ...And yes I did laugh at his little "codpiece" there.  It moves so his legs have a full range of motion, okay.  It just didn't really have to be so... yeah.  And yet it makes me laugh, so good show.

        Alright, this is probably more Brainstorm's style, somehow.  Overall, I'm just really pleased with his aesthetic, and his range of motion.  I will say that there are quite a few joints that are not only tight but damn loud and will pop, loudly, every time they're moved.  That was disconcerting at first, but it's something that may go a little quiet with time... or not, if my Thirty-Thirty is any indication, but still.

        Sadly, there's no ass.  There's just none.  He's got hips, though, so... I guess that's okay.
        Overall I am really happy with him.  It's a fun, painfully 80's redesign of a painfully 80's G1 toy, but also has a personality of its very own.  I'm also actually really happy about Hasbro revisiting old concepts, headmasters being just one of the pieces of awesomeness that I wanted to "vote for with my wallet", so to speak.  Though I damn well wish you jerks wouldn't just leave Chromedome as a $70 Transformers Collector's Club exclusive.  That is just not fair.