Generations Voyager Rhinox

        He's here!  ...Well obviously.  From the freaking moment I heard tell of a series-accurate Rhinox being suggested, I was waiting.  When the first shots of the prototype actually hit the internet, I started hounding pre-order sites.  I had to have Rhinox.  Now, he may not be my favorite Beast Wars character... but he ranks pretty damn high.  I mean, Rhinox.  And considering the less than perfectly Rhinox-like figure Hasbro stuck us with the first time through (on the left here), I was just so happy to have "a real one".

        TWIN SPINNING GATLING GUNS!  And they are, and it's awesome.  But first let's admire the box.  Okay, now let's rip the shit out of it.

        Oh, right, wait.  I happen to think Rhinox is a little higher on the intelligence scale but you know, that's just me.  So by this chart, he's more than happy to rush into danger and can take a lot of damage so it's totally cool.  Accurate.  Rhinox!

        Okay, I'm kind of impressed.  This is the most bored-looking mostly sorta organic-ish rhino that I have ever seen.  Hell of a lot more accurate than the initial show version *cough*, but generally pretty cool, really.  Just an unassuming rhinoceros, waiting for poachers to make a terrible error in judgment.

        The first time I laughed was when I transformed him from robot to beast mode.  That's a rhino ass, alright.  Again, the mix of hard plastic and softer plastic is a really nice touch to be able to get all of the interlocking pieces together without too much cursing or breaking things.  Sure took a while to get to this point, but hey.

        And this is the second time I laughed.  Rhinox is quietly judging you from within the rhino's mouth.
        Remember the transformation sequence on the show, though?  The rhino kind of roared and then his mouth opened really wide and split open and then Rhinox was just kinda standing there in robot form afterward?  It's mildly disturbing no matter how it's done.

        But the result is fucking awesome.  This is Rhinox!  Right here, being his badass self with gatling guns and everything!  Which do really spin, yes, but after the fourth attempt to get video I decided that if you really want to see it, you probably know how to use Google and YouTube.  Why yes he does look a little like he's wearing chaps.  Ha ha, now you can't unsee it either.

        Okay, so the overall paint detail is... typical.  But easily cleaned up, as far as I'm concerned.  What made me really ridiculously happy were the Maximal insignias on either side of his head.

        Hey, Rhinox... it would appear that something incredibly frightening is sneaking up behind you and trying to eat your head.  Not to alarm you or anything.

        Now, one downside for sure is that his balance makes... a lot of poses difficult, let's face it.  But this is why, since this is what he's carrying around.  I'd wondered why so much of the posing I saw online had him with his legs wide apart.  Now I know.
        Overall, though?  I'm so happy with him.  I'd pondered waiting and paying the extra for the Japanese/Takara version, but then I found out it was... all shiny.  And while I love shiny, Rhinox was not all shiny.  I mean yeah, the first season made everything a little shinier than it should be, but... matter of preference.  Point being, it took 17 freaking years, but I have my show-accurate Rhinox.  I am happy.  Except for how I have to find a place for him, since my Transformer shelf is already spilling out over everything else.  Details.