Figuarts Barnaby Brooks Jr.

        I'm always going to call him Bunny.  He is Bunny, that's just how it is.  And I couldn't have gotten a Wild Tiger without his heroic partner, right?  That's what I told myself.

        Real men wear pink, you know.  Or... something.  Admittedly I didn't care much for Bun--Barnaby the first few episodes, but the kid grows on you.  As does the suit.  Once again it's an impressive design.

        I'm not really sure if "Super Rookie" is a good thing...  I mean, I guess it's not terrible, but it's a little like a backhanded compliment.  (And I'll bet it hurts like friendship.)
        Once again getting the figure out of the box is a joy.  One piece of tape, slide out the plastic, pull it apart, DONE.  That will never cease to amaze me.

        Isn't he fabulous?  Or at least bright, much like Wild Tiger.  Of course he's got a similar style to his partner, but still remains unique.  And the little bitty bunny emblem makes me happy, too.  It doesn't take much, really.
        Detailing is once again really damn good, though I do notice that Bunny has a few rough patches along various edges.  Honestly nothing that stands out or irritates me, but I'm sure the internet as a whole is in bitch mode about it.

        And speaking of mode changes, here's his Good Luck Mode leg!  Which amuses me to no end.  It's actually surprisingly flexible, but it will always look wrong and hilarious.  Still, he could kick someone's ass 100 times harder than the average person, so may as well flaunt it.

        POSE TIME!  The stand is brilliant watermelon pink this time around, but the same design as Tiger's.  Somehow this stand gave me less fits, but I imagine that was because I barely had to move it to get it where I wanted it.

        Surprisingly, the leg was easier to attach than Wild Tiger's arm.  That may be a freak thing in my particular figure, but it was a breeze to switch legs.  ...Though I did accidentally pop his torso loose.  We'll pretend that didn't happen, though.  It's alright, Bunny, you don't need a connected spine.

        ASS SHOT.  Boy knows how to work it, we all know it's true.  Also a pretty decent shot of his rockets... thrusters... FLYING THINGS.
        Overall, I'm once again impressed.  Nice smooth movement without joints being too tight or too loose, quality plastic, and he got a great weight to him.  Well worth the money, maybe not worth the fan frenzy... but I'm betting there will be another release in the future.

        I get a distinct "Why did I agree to this photograph?" impression from this shot.

        And partners meet again!  In a spontaneous jump-and-hug.  The scary thing is how easy this was both to pose and to balance.

        But surely this is a much calmer moment.  And look at those kick-ass shoes.