Alter Kotetsu Plush

        I swear I wasn't interested at first.  The preview pictures made him look kind of neat-looking, sure, but not worth "Alter plush prices".  ...And then came the picture with the mask and the sash.  Insta-buy.  By some exceptional miracle, registered SAL got him to the US in a week... but he spent almost another week in New York.  My guess is that he was sight-seeing, but I'm glad he finally got here.

        Look at that.  Even in the bag I'm trying to hold back some response akin to "AWWW."  Then I realized he was probably suffocating, so I got him out.  Crazy Oji-san.

        ...And this was the first picture I took as soon as he was out of the bag.  Well, it seemed appropriate somehow.  Chibiterasu and Kotetsu are buddies now.

        Yes, this was the point when I could no longer hold back the "AWWW" response.  How embarrassing.  On the other hand, LOOK AT THAT.  Head slightly tilted, great big brown eyes, infectious smile... dammit, this franchise will get everything from me.  (Which is fine so long as they keep providing awesome.)

        Kotetsu without the mask and sash, and standing!  I'm really quite impressed with him.  Aside from the remarkable detail for a small plush (and the stitching is really top-notch, well put together), his neck and legs are somewhat secretly "jointed".  They softly lock in place so he can sit, stand and of course tilt his head and make you go "AWWW."
        Love the call bracelet, by the way.  ...But being who I am, I'm thinking of replacing his bead bracelet with real amethyst.  I mean, I can, so... future project.

        Sadly, this is the least sexy ass shot ever.  It's okay, Kotetsu, we know you have an awesome ass.  Just not in plush form.  Really not in plush form.

        All in all, I'm surprised at how happy I am with him.  Look at him protecting the video games and the action figure bar!  Like a true hero.  ...I just have to make sure he's not visiting the bar too frequently.