Dissidia Firion

        You know, I hadn't intended to get him.  I really hadn't.  I'm not quite sure why, but he grew on me.  Maybe because I had fun kicking ass with him, maybe because the butchered name Johnny Yong Firion makes me laugh for no actual reason.  Whatever the case, I had to get him.

        That REALLY OBVIOUS chipped paint on his left (well, right in the picture) thigh?  My fault.  I put him all together and saw a little bit of a smudge and proceeded to quite accidentally gouge a chunk of paint with my fingernail.  I have no idea how, as they are always short, but anyway.  That'll be fixed.  No, really.
        So yeah, right off, the paint has some issues.  But since these are trading figures and it's an easy fix, I'm hardly complaining.

        As you can see, Firion has a crapload of stuff going on here.  He's got seven separate parts to put together, not including his stand.  Tip: make sure the plastic has warmed to room temperature before attempting to put parts together.  Nevermind how I know to warn you about this.  Anyway, look at all the cool sharp things!

        I do like the cape sculpt, I must admit.  It gives a good feeling of actually blowing in the wind, which is all dramatic and stuff.  ...And he's wearing his socks outside of his pants.  Hm.

        It took me five minutes to convince the ax that it wanted to be attached to his side.  The boy could do with some more agreeable weapons.
        In all, there's a little messy paint, sure, but as I said it is a trading figure and still decent quality.  As you can see, however, two minutes after I took him out of the box, the black glossy stand is already collecting dust.  This scares me.