Dissidia Sephiroth

        Years.  I've been waiting years, not months.  I've been waiting since the volume 1 figures were shown along with this uncolored prototype--which happened to completely disappear the next year.  I was pissed; ask anyone who has ever talked to me about anything.  Then the volume 2 Dissidia figures appeared and I stalked Amiami for preorders, snagging a whole case the instant I could.  For him.  Just for him.

        So nice to have you home, darlin'.  Too bad you're so damn hard to photograph from the front.  But no matter.  I loved the Amano-flavored Dissidia-style Sephiroth from the moment I saw him.  The buckles, the belt, the wing, the smirk--yes.

        Look at that sword!  Look at it!  Ha ha, made you look.  ...Ahem.  I do enjoy the dramatic angle, and the windswept look of the coat and hair.  I mean, you've got to do something with all that hair.  Best of all, it looks like he's taking a breath before he's gonna kick your ass.

        There are some seam lines.  I know this pisses people off.  I'm not as eager to bitch about it, so whatever.  There are a few paint issues here and there, but for the most part I'm satisfied and can touch it up easily.  It's somewhat impossible to get an ass shot here because of that hair, though.  But we all know it's worth mentioning.

        There are simply no appropriate words.