Man, Xenosaga.  Totally impossible for me to play, but I can watch the whole series like one (very, very, very) long miniseries.  And I have done.  More than once.  I love every single character--except Shion.  Allen, just leave that whiny bitch and find someone who will treat you better.  Like a rock.  A rock will love you back, Allen, I swear.  ...Right, ahem.  And then there is KOS-MOS... not just a sexy android (okay, gynoid), but something much more.  I can't say anything else without massive spoilers, apparently.  SHE'S COOL, OKAY?

        Oh, dear KOS-MOS.  How long have I waited?  Since you were a blurry, uncolored prototype figure with no price and no date.  And then you got delayed.  Twice.  And then you wound up spending the weekend in New York.  I'm so sorry.  But now you're home, baby.

        And the back of the box for some awesome shots, just 'cause.  It was such a lovely box.  What's inside is far better, though.

        You do not mess with KOS-MOS and her BFGs.  And the weapon I will always call her tit cannons, but that's wrong.  She is just waiting for the first wisecrack before squeezing that trigger, so look out.  The guns themselves are amazingly detailed, by the way.

        She's gorgeous.  And she comes with so many weapons.  The character is kind of a weapon in herself, so you know, it's makes sense.  Sexy ass-kicking android in stylized heels, stockings, and what look suspiciously just a little like cat ears.  How can you possibly go wrong?  And she's shiny, too!

        But I'm an incredible sap, so I prefer her blue-eyed version.  Those in the know will understand why.  Those not in the know can just appreciate how gorgeous this figure is, along with the lovely details.  Articulation is really stunning, and changing out parts was a lot smoother than I expected.  Then again, this is my first Figma figure.  Certainly not my last if T-elos gets made, hint hint.  (And Allen, but no one will ever make Allen, alas.)

        Obligatory ass shot!  ...Well, I mean... she's spectacular in all ways.  Also, the detail on the back is just as beautiful.  And yes, her hair is articulated.  It amuses me.
        In all, well worth the wait.  I'm still in lust with the enormous 1/4 scale blue-eyed statue, but since I will never be able to afford that in my lifetime... I'd sort of rather have the action figure anyway.