Figuarts Wild Tiger

        The initial completely insane sold-out pre-orders very nearly passed me by.  I'm glad I managed to come across a tip and pre-order him for a reasonable price... even if that did take an extra month and then some.  Surely it's worth it for the Crusher of Justice?

        I liked Wild Tiger's suit design since I first came across it, but admittedly... it wasn't until I started falling into the black hole that is Tiger & Bunny that I really, really started to like it.  Maybe that's because it's a lot flashier in smooth computer animation, yes?  And, you know, then there's Kotetsu.  I can't not love Mr. Wild Tiger himself.

        Yes, it says "Crasher of Justice".  I suppose that is just as accurate as "Crusher of Justice", in some ways... but it's forgiven because it's very nearly the only thing I can read on the package.
        A note about the box itself: once again it was held together with tape!  Only tape!  Wow, the Japanese are a million lightyears ahead of American toy packaging...

        Drama!  And this, finally, well after his release, is Wild Tiger!  And this is the first pose I had him in.  ...Don't look at me like that.  It's drama!  It's intrigue!  It's bright and shiny!  And damn is it ever.
        In terms of detailing, I've got to say I'm quite happy.  Lots of super shiny and clear bits, his face is well detailed along with his abdomen, barely any rivets or screws visible, and the scuffs/rubs/paint mistakes are all things that are easily fixed even if you aren't crafty at all.

        Naturally, this was the second pose I had him in.  It's not hard at all to make full use of the stand, though the little "arms" that hold him in place can be alarmingly frustrating depending on what you're trying to do.  Tip: adjust the arms first, then attach him to the stand.  Doesn't always work, but less frustration is nice.

        Same pose from above to show off both the "wild shoot" attachments, and the bottom of the stand.  All of the green is bright green.  All of it.

        And here's the Good Luck Mode arm!  Looking... really very heavy.  And it is, but Wild Tiger carries it well.  The arm is a spectacular bitch to attach, though.  I did discover an "easier" way, but it's still not easy.  Still, it's fun after it's attached, so I'm not complaining.  Much.  It's kind of more fun just laying around, but I'm weird like that.

        Now holding that arm up is another situation entirely.  The joints aren't loose, but they aren't usually tight enough to support the weight of the arm.  Luckily there are many easy solutions, and I'm not worried about it, so whatever.  But look at more shiny!
        So while we're here, let's talk joints!  Nice, smooth movement without being loose, as stated, and he can hold a variety of poses.  I know some people were disappointed with the range of motion in his arms and shoulders, but I'm decently happy thus far.  He's just as expressive as the real Wild Tiger... more or less.

        "Do you have any idea what the speed limit is around here?!"

        No, of course he's not getting away without an ass shot.  Confused as he may look by it.  The back is just as finely detailed, and while the knee joints are really very obvious, I don't mind them.  (But Wolfwood still pisses me off.)

        "See you soon, Bunny-chan."
        All in all, I'm incredibly happy.  Not just to finally have Wild Tiger here, but with what I paid and what I got out of it.  He's weighted very well (does not feel or look like a cheap figure at all), the interchangeable parts don't feel flimsy, the joints are decent for all sorts of poses, he comes with plenty of accessories, and I'm happy to have Bunny--er, Barnaby Brooks Jr. on pre-order as well.  Then I'm stopping until the bikes.  No, really.  ...Okay, maybe Rock Bison, if I can swing it.