SEGA Grell

        Finally, he is mine--the Queen of Fruit!  ...Ahem.  Most of the time, the internet provides me with amazing discounts (so long as I take the time and do the work to make sure of that).  Not so with Grell.  Un/Luckily a local anime store provided me with a price that I couldn't resist.  Hooray sweet Shinigami ass.

        Most boxes are impossible to take pictures of due to glare.  But Grell's was, predictably, super-shiny and fabulous.

        Yeah, okay, you'd probably have to be a fan to love him, but... dude.  Death God with a chainsaw after some hot demon ass.  What's not to love?  I'd seen pictures of him before, but in the back of my mind was always the term "prize figure".  I guess to me that means "shit for detail", but that's just not so with Grelly pants here.

        Granted, it is simple.  But that's not a disappointment.  The colors are bright, the lines are smooth, and it's so obviously the character it represents.  ASSBOW.  ...Had to get that in there somewhere.

        He looks so almost innocent from this angle, doesn't he?  ...Except for the chainsaw.  He's a Shinigami, what do you want.
        Consider this yet another plea for S-E to take my money and make some Play Arts Kai Kuroshitsuji figures.  I want me some Sebastian with smirking and knife throwing action.