NECA Tron (re-release)

        Yes, yes, there was "one more thing" I'd actually been wanting for years, so I gave in.  Story of my life.

        At least making it obvious that this is the 20th anniversary re-release will keep people from being jackasses on Ebay, right?  No, not at all.  But I spoke before of sane sellers, and I will say it again: they are gold, find them and hold onto them.

        Oooohhh, holographic sticker on the bottom right there.  I was tempted to keep just the sticker, I admit it.  Look at all of the colorful plastic things we have in the picture!

        ...Wow, he's creepy.  Like, really creepy.  Damn creepy.  And only his torso is transparent purple.  Glad I got this guy for cheap, that's all I'm saying.
        On a side note, it must be said that the smell of plastic death did not greet me upon opening him.  No, he smells like old Ramen.  Like Ramen left in the back of a cabinet forgotten for years.  I don't want to know why for sure, but I have my suspicions.

        This is potentially the un-sexiest ass shot I have ever taken.  This is much more of a shame when you know what the actual Tron suit on Bruce Boxleitner looked like from the back.  At least you can see that there's a hole in his back where the disk fits so he can have his hands free to... terrify people.

        Really, if you saw this coming at you, would you think, "Yay, the hero is here!"?  No, would would scream like a little girl and probably run like one, too.
        Alright, so I'm being unnecessarily harsh (sort of).  He's not going to give G.I. Joe a run for his money (though I don't have Joes, I only have bad guys; go figure), but I don't regret buying him.  Hell, I may grab the others in the set, eventually (because all of the others are extremely common, everywhere, all the time).  I just don't want to be standing too close in a dimly-lit room is all I'm saying.  ...Need more lights by the shelves...