Nendoroid Tachikoma

        So I've been a fan of Ghost in the Shell, movies and both series (come on #3!), and especially Motoko, for some time now.  And how in the world could anyone resist their own Tachikoma?  Well, in my case it was missing the first release altogether... and the second.  Funny thing; there seems to have been a third release that no one reported on.  So instead of paying ridiculously stupid Ebay prices, I got mine from a sane seller at cost.  Le gasp.

        Box pictures are made of glare.  That's just how it is.  One thing that I do need to bring up is how gloriously this was packaged.  All I needed to do to open it was cut the tape.  All I needed to do was cut the tape.  No twenty minutes of fighting industrial-strength twist ties, another ten trying to figure out what the hell is attached to one piece that's keeping it fused to the plastic, another fifty pieces of hidden tape or little clear rubber bands... just tape holding the box closed, then holding two pieces of plastic together.  Cut the tape and it comes out.  Amazing.

        Seriously, how was I to resist?  Alarmingly expressive for a tank capable of exceptional destruction, Tachikomas are also alarmingly philosophical.  They're also hilarious and kind of insanely adorable somehow.  Oh, and SHINY.  Anything else would be a spoiler, damn.

        See, they're friendly!  They're also a little bit bigger than I was expecting, which is a nice surprise.  As is the paint job; pictures can't really do the rich glittery/pearlescent paint justice.  In part because I could not use the flash without blinding the camera, even from several feet away.  That's my kind of tank.

        But get a little natural oil in 'em and they go wild!  Ahem.  They may not come with a lot of accessories, but they come with the necessities.


        Girl power?

        "What is wrong with all of you?  You're just staring at me!  Is there something on my face?"
        Clearly I am already having a lot of fun with this figure.