Tron: Legacy Diecast Vehicles

        The Disney Store was having a massive sale.  I had... plans in mind for these things... how could I possibly resist?

        Yeah, alright, I went overboard.  Like I said, I had plans.  So let's take a look and what I got, hm?

        This is my favorite (obviously).  Oh, man, the feel of these things.  They're weighted so perfectly, shaped so well--they remind me of old Hot Wheels and that makes me happy.  And, well, THEY ARE LIGHTCYCLES.

        My camera hates recognizers.  The first shot was the best out of five and I wasn't going to go back and try again.  LOOK AT THE LAST PICTURE IF YOU DON'T WANT BLUR.  Anyway.  Not as solid due to many more plastic parts, but still awesome.

        I just enjoy the look of the three-man light jet.  Nice, solid, heavy, has super-laser-gun-canon-thingies.  What's not to love?

        I do have a particular fondness for the one-man light jets.  I suspect it's because it reminds me of Transformer jets, but also seeing the little program on top amuses me.

        Ha-ha, not to scale.  Not that I mind.  They're incredibly good quality for little diecast figures, and I'm glad I picked them up.  I might get me some more one-man light jets if they're still available in a couple of months... just 'cause.
        Oh yes, have I got plans for most of you...