Vinylmation Rinzler

        I'm not a vinyl collector.  I know, I'm not hip, not trendy, not "with it" like you crazy kids.  I don't particularly like Vinylmation, either.  Just not my thing.  The morning that the Tron: Legacy Vinylmation figures were released, though... I caved.  For Rinzler's sake.  Even if I wanted a classic Tron.  Some of us Tron fans would actually like to see some Tron figures.  That look like Tron.  Thank you.

        So he arrived in an enormous box for no justifiable reason.  But the shipping was still cheap and it was plenty padded, so... whatever, I suppose.  Even in the box he is creepy as hell.

        Out of the box?  Yup, still creepy.  There is something I can appreciate about the aesthetics of the paint detail, but... yeah, mostly creepy.  Articulation is shit, of course, as this is a vinyl figure and not an action figure (even if "action figure" is a very loose term these days)--but, you know, it's not about that.  He can lift his arms.  And kind of turn his head a little.  Not that he needs to, mind you.

        Here we have... his side!  His fingers look like particularly expressive exclamation points in any language.  And yeah, they're honestly a little on the yellow side, but they're still clearly orange so that's better than I expected from the initial pictures I saw.

        And lo, his other side!  This hand is curled, actually.  ...I am tempted to put things there, sure.  Mostly terrible things.  We'll see what happens.

        His back is actually quite interesting.  And of course there's that pesky double-identity disk... thing.  It's better, 'cause it's two.

        I do believe both Rinzlers will be happy tending to the ponies.