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The life of a SOLDIER is a stressful one. You have to deal with missions, secrets, and the constantly changing definition of "monster" way too frequently, so it's nice to just be able to treat yourself to something sparkly and fancy. Surely you deserve that at least, right?

I'd wanted to do a companion piece to the Shin-Ra bracelet for the longest time. Then Desert Bus for Hope craft time happened and I was buried under chocobos for a couple of months. Or so. This one's been reinforced similarly so it's incredibly strong, though I decided to add a dash of something a little different and mix chainmaile with my beadwork. In all, double the sparkle! The bracelet itself can currently expands from just a bit over 6 inches to 7 inches, but if you have specific size needs then I can always be commissioned for another. (Sold.)

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