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Despite looking wholly aquatic, these particular dragon-related creatures very much prefer lounging around on dry land. They're warm and soft and very flexibly floppy, so they appreciate companions who take them around to see the sights, or just to snuggle up and play another level. Read another page. Watch one more episode. Kabak isn't going to tell anyone.

I have had the body portion pinned and in various drawers or boxes for years with the intent to get back to it, and every Halloween that passed felt a little more terrible without me having finished this project that came from clearance fabric and the desire to just make something big and ridiculous. At long last: Kabak! ...Yes it does mean "pumpkin"/"gourd" in Turkish. ...I love it, okay, but the point is: I finally finished and I am happy and I cannot overstate how warm this fuzzy fabric is. Also not overly heavy (under 2 pounds), with a flat-ish "barely stuffed" body consisting mostly of old acrylic sweaters that had lost their fuzz but were the perfect internal materials for this (sewn to internal bits for minimal shifting, to be clear). The fins are soft crushed velvet on one side and "some kind of shimmery spandex", reinforced internally with scraps from a pair of old cotton pajama pants. Everything's been washed to reduce the fuzz and "sparkly flecks" that I'd been dealing with while sewing this together, and after one last long lint roller session, I think the fuzzies have at long last been vanquished. Finished off with a pair of artificial amber eyes because how could I not.

Also to be explicitly stated: intended to be wearable. Or just a snuggle-able plush, if desired. I define this as a "scarf" or a "stole" and while the model is of smaller stature, it's still wearable with broader shoulders. There are a lot of nice soft textures and, again, so warm.

Available for snuggling right now.